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Digital Wallet Platform

Mobile wallet software solutions for fintech, banks, telecom and payment companies.

White-label digital wallet platform

E-Wallet Apps to Scale Ambitions

Velmie white-label digital wallet platform helps fintech companies, financial institutions and neobanks create fully managed e-wallet payment systems and scale them over time with the most suitable and required features. Our mobile wallet software comes as a collection of configurable standalone modules to deliver unique solutions and meet specific business needs.

Together with iOS and Android virtual wallet apps we deliver web interfaces and open API for endless integration opportunities. We handle ongoing maintenance and technical support to make our clients feel more confident about their business.


Highly Scalable

Velmie digital wallet platform utilizes modular architecture which makes it easy to add new workflows, features and integrations.


End-to-end Delivery

Our clients receive ready-made wallet apps, customizations and design, training, ongoing support and maintenance.


Customer-Centric Apps

We deliver mobile wallets with fast self-onboarding, extensive payment options, value-added services and clear design for frictionless user experience.


Cloud and On-Premises Deployment

Virtual wallets can be deployed on AWS Cloud Hosting as well as on-premises data centers.

Mobile Wallet Software Features

Payments and Transfers

Payments and transfers.png
Group 19917.png

QR Payments

Request or accept payments with QR codes via app or mPOS.

Group 19914.png

Payment Links

Unique shareable payment links to collect funds via secure payment methods.

Group 19919.png


Branded invoices for merchants to collect funds and make online sales. 

Group 19920.png

P2P Transfers

Sending money to friends or contacts through the app.


Group 19925.png

Cross-Border Payments

Multi-currency accounts, Fx and cross-border payments available with partner integrations.

Group 19922.png


Instant currency exchange with the leading brokers. 

Group 19926.png

Loyalty points

Create and transact with your company’s loyalty points as a payments or rewards solution. 


Merchant & Bill Payments

Group 19931.png
Group 19938.png


Mobile point-of-sale solution for merchant to accept payments online and on-site.

Group 19932.png

Online sales

Product and service catalog for online sales via the app.

Group 19939.png


Buy now, pay later toolkit for online and on-site sales.

Group 19935.png

Bill payments

Integration capabilities for online bill payments and airtime purchase.

Top up & Withdrawals

Group 19947.png
Group 19948.png
Group 19949.png
Group 19946.png

Cash Agents

Set up and onboard cash agents to process top up and withdrawal transactions.


Cash-in and cash-out transactions with cards and wallets.


Top up and withdrawals via partner bank ATMs. 

Bank Transfers

Top up and withdrawals via partner bank integration.

Group 19955 (1).png

Supreme UI

Perfectly crafted user interface and experiences to drive customer satisfaction and greater engagement. Available for iOS, Android and Web. Apply your branding and go live with a spectacular app in just weeks. 


  • What are the countries and currencies supported by the wallet platform?
    Our white-label wallet software can be deployed globally and requires connectivity to partner banks or payment systems supporting your location. You will be able to pick one within our ecosystem of partners or introduce your preferred service provider, we will perform API integration for you.
  • How much does it cost?
    We offer one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market, thanks to the architecture design approach allowing us to perform configurations fast and efficiently. The maintenance costs depend on the usage volumes and represent just a small fraction of other fees paid by your company (compliance, transactions, operations, etc.). Reach out to us to learn more.  
  • How long does it take to go live with your software? 
    It often takes 1-3 months to go live with an MVP product and the timeframe depends on the overall complexity, scope of configurations and other variables. Reach out to us with an RFP and get a preliminary proposal from us with more details.
  • Is your platform secure? 
    Being an ISO 27001-certified company, we put lots of effort to provide best-in-class security to our clients. Our solution is compliant to PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, OWASP and other standards.
  • Can you customize the platform for my project?
    We clearly understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, we have over 80 engineers doing customizations and configurations for our clients. Starting with UI and UX to back office, reporting and integrations - those are the tasks we are happy to assist with.
  • How can the wallet be hosted? 
    The wallet software platform is designed to be cloud-agnostic and supports both on-premise and cloud deployment.
  • Do you perform custom API integrations?
    In order to enable incoming and outgoing transactions the system must be connected to payment rails. There is a variety of prebuilt partner banks and card payment gateways as well payment systems of your choice to be connected and configured.

Our Locations

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