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Digital Wallet

Software Platform

Mobile wallet software solutions for fintech, banks, telecom and payment companies.

The most comprehensive wallet technology

Velmie white-label digital wallet platform helps fintech companies, financial institutions and neobanks create fully managed e-wallet payment systems and scale them over time with the most suitable and required features. Our mobile wallet software comes as a collection of configurable standalone modules to deliver unique solutions and meet specific business needs. Together with iOS and Android virtual wallet apps we deliver web interfaces and open API for endless integration opportunities. We handle ongoing maintenance and technical support to make our clients feel more confident about their business.

Highly scalable

Velmie digital wallet platform utilizes modular architecture which makes it easy to add new workflows, features and integrations.

End-to-End delivery

Our clients receive ready-made wallet apps, customizations and design, training, ongoing support and maintenance.

Customer-centric apps

We deliver mobile wallets with fast self-onboarding, extensive payment options, value-added services and clear design for a frictionless user experience.


Ultimate flexibility, performance and adaptability. These are the key features of our modular wallet software reading to increased operational efficiency and greater innovations for your business.


Contact us and see yourself. We designed the software and internal processes to reduce capital expenditures for starting new products as well as keep ongoing maintenance costs down. 


Cloud-native system with microservices that features emerging technologies such as AI/ML and digital currencies. We provide future-proof solutions to start and thrive. 

Fast go to market

Get your product to the market 6x times faster. We provide full-fledged wallet technology that can be configured for your specific business needs.

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Case study: Closed-loop wallet and rewards platform

Pearls is a digital wallet and rewards platform built with Velmie wallet technology to provide innovative ways of shopping and gathering rewards for consumers. For merchants, Pearls provides a way to accept fiat and digital currency in a single tap transaction, create and promote branded tokens, and attract new customers. Consumers, on the other side, get a convenient way to collect and spend digital rewards in their preferred stores. Tokens and interchangeable and can be used to pay for goods and services within the wallet along with fiat funds. Pearls is a powerful customer acquisition and community tool that is designed to stimulate tenant, stall or local sales; attract and entertain customers; and add more value to an event or a location.

01. Payments

Mobile wallets have become one of the biggest payment channels across the world and continue to grow. Velmie facilitates new wallet projects with modular white-label technology, API ecosystem and professional services. Whether you’re starting P2P transfers, remittances, QR payments or mobile POS we can help your project to go live fast and smoothly.

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Build your wallet solution today

Get started with world-class digital wallet technology. We help design and build advanced solutions for payments, ecommerce, telecom and other verticals. Adapt our modular cloud-native technology for growth and innovations.



A full range of banking features

Payments and Transfers

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QR Payments

Request or accept payments with QR codes via app or mPOS.

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Payment Links

Unique shareable payment links to collect funds via secure payment methods.

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Branded invoices for merchants to collect funds and make online sales.

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P2P Transfers

Sending money to friends or contacts through the app.



Cross-Border Payments

Multi-currency accounts, Fx and cross-border payments available with partner integrations.



Instant currency exchange with the leading brokers.


Loyalty points

Create and transact with your company’s loyalty points as a payments or rewards solution.


Payments and Transfers



Mobile point-of-sale solution for merchant to accept payments online and on-site.


Online sales

Product and service catalog for online sales via the app.



Buy now, pay later toolkit for online and on-site sales.


Bill payments

Integration capabilities for online bill payments and airtime purchase.

Top up & Withdrawals


Cash Agents

Set up and onboard cash agents to process top up and withdrawal transactions.



Cash-in and cash-out transactions with cards and wallets.



Top up and withdrawals via partner bank ATMs.


Bank Transfers

Top up and withdrawals via partner bank integration.

Need help with project analysis and planning?

Payments and wallet technology can be complicated as it requires deep expertise to set up data security, accounting and reconciliation procedures, and design the right system architecture. Our tech specialists, business analysts, and domain experts can help you translate the ideas into a detailed project plan. We help to eliminate the complexities and get full advantage of wallet tech solutions. Get your project plan or a live prototype in a matter of weeks.

  • Business and Gap analysis sessions with our team

  • System architecture design

  • API integrations analysis

  • Product demo release

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