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Enhance your business financial services

Innovate the banking experience for business users by delivering modern products and features to market fast.

Cutting-edge software solution for corporate banks ongoing digital transformation. Leverage the latest in banking software technology to create a sustainable and future-proof digital bank.

All-in-one solution

Experience the future of business banking with our powerful back office solutions, cutting-edge mobile apps, and advanced API orchestration technology. Designed for next-generation banking products, we provide everything you need to stay ahead in a competitive market.


As market dynamics and consumer preferences continue to evolve, it's crucial to have technology that adapts quickly and efficiently. Get the advantage of modular architecture and robust API ecosystem to enable seamless scalability, ensure your systems stay ahead of the curve and grow with your needs.


Our comprehensive suite of business banking products includes shared business accounts, corporate expense cards, invoicing, supplier payouts, payroll, invoice factoring, lending, and more. We help you to tailor your financial services to meet the unique needs of your market and audience.


“We like that Velmie platform is an all-in-one solution with the ability to be customized and scaled. For us, it is as powerful and simple as achieving a new line of business, thanks to the final product developed by Velmie.”

Alejandro González,

Head of Product & Founding Partner, Reddo

Key Features

Business Accounts

Corporate Cards

Cash Management

Business Loans

Invoice Factoring


International Payments


Product Highlights



service & functions

Tech support

Cloud & On-premises

Easy integration to
preferred partners

Customer Stories


An innovative platform offering customers instant access to financing and investment opportunities.

Region: Africa


How to disrupt the fintech industry with the remote development agency.

Region: Switzerland

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