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Software Solutions For Next-Generation Fintechs

Modular fintech software platform for innovative and ambitious projects.

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Comprehensive infrastructure and technology for fintech innovators

All-in-one platform

Get all the essential components such as back office, apps, and middleware at one place.

Partner ecosystem

Access the leading companies from all over the world to augment your product with payments, white-label cards, FX, KYC/AML, and more.

We put the tech in fintech by equipping project teams with composable and scalable software solutions for their back-end, front-end, or middleware tasks.

Tailored for you

Velmie wins the competition by providing not only the software platform but also top-class engineers to help with integrations and customizations.


Launching a modern fintech solution requires up-to-date technology that can keep up with ever-changing customer demands and ongoing technological advancements.


We help fintechs avoid reinventing the wheel by providing advanced back office, middleware and applications so they can focus on the core idea of their business.

Owned by you

Technology IP is one of the most valuable assets for financial technology companies. We help start-ups to acquire, retain and increase the value of these assets without the need for heavy investment.

Fast go to market

With time being of the essence to gain market traction and capture the moment, we help startups go live 6x faster with our pre-built fintech software platform.


We like that Velmie platform is an all-in-one solution with the ability to be customized and scaled. For us, it is as powerful and simple as achieving a new line of business, thanks to the final product developed by Velmie. Basically, we are opening a new functionality that will cross-sell in an excellent way with our current product.

Alejandro González,

Head of Product & Founding Partner, Reddo.

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Case Study: Fast-track approach to building a neobank

Walddo platform has been built with the digital banking technology by Velmie that brings scalable architecture, configurable back office workflows, and an API ecosystem with direct access to the market-leading payment, KYC, and other service providers. It’s a cutting-edge neobank platform that offers users a full range of services, including account opening, card issuing, domestic and international transfers, eCommerce payments, and digital wallets. Plus, it offers MasterCard Send functionality, providing clients with lightning-fast payment options.

01. Fintech Startups

Building back-end services and back-office and applications for fintech is complex, time-consuming and often a barrier to success. We help companies remove the complexity by providing advice and a full-featured technology platform to ensure a smooth launch.


Build your fintech solution with us

Velmie FinTech platform is a fully customizable solution built with microservices architecture, ready to scale and grow with your business. Our mission is to streamline the go-to-market strategy and simplify product lifecycle management by providing advanced technology and tools. As a financial technology provider we have been developing advanced software solutions for financial institutions and entrepreneurs for more than a decade, and are constantly expanding its product range.



Middleware solutions

As most fintechs are API-first solutions that connect to partner banks, card issuers and other vendors, it is more important than ever to have a powerful API orchestration technology to succeed. Over 40% of fintechs experience problems with their partner banks/BaaS APIs in the first year. The majority of issues are related to missing features, different product roadmaps and the inability to make customisations. This often holds products back and makes it difficult for fintech teams to deliver the products and services their customers expect. 

We have helped fintechs effectively solve these problems by providing an API middleware solution that offers much greater flexibility and makes products less dependent on partner banks' APIs. It also helps facilitate the marketplace and competition by enabling connectivity and order routing between multiple APIs.


Gain more control over your product

Get more options for growth

Optimize for efficiency

Increase revenue

What we offer

 Modular Technology

Smooth, interactive and configurable onboarding flows optimized for high conversion rate. Stay safe and compliant while providing exceptional experiences to the clients.

 Security and Compliance

We effectively address security and compliance issues through the delivery of truly cloud-based software solutions.

 API Integrations

 End-to-End Delivery

Customers don't need to bring in the expertise and resources needed to integrate and support the system, because Velmie does it all.

 Source Code Ownership

We give our customers more control and flexibility in the management and development of their business as Velmie shares the software source code rights with the clients.

Our network of partners enables us to tailor solutions to each business's needs and target audiences.


With extensive experience and developers with a range of skills, we can put together the right team for you.

Looking to validate your idea?

Technology, cash flows, compliance and security can be complicated. Let our business analysts and domain experts help you turn your ideas into a solid project plan. We can help you cut through the complexity and take full advantage of today's technology solutions for your product. Work with our vetted experts to ideate, design and deliver a successful MVP in a matter of weeks.

  • Work with our Business Analysts to define the project requirements.

  • Explore the technology and design system architecture with our architects.

  • Choose the best API service providers with our help.

  • Build a product demo to test the idea.

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