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White-Label FinTech Platform

 Future-proof technology and innovation delivered as out-of-the-box solution.

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Velmie FinTech platform is a fully customizable solution built with microservices architecture, ready to scale and grow with your business. Our mission is to streamline the go-to-market strategy and simplify product lifecycle management by providing advanced technology and tools.

As a financial technology provider we have been developing advanced software solutions for financial institutions and entrepreneurs for more than a decade, and are constantly expanding its product range.

We deliver full-fledged software platform,  API infrastructure and professional services so founders and product teams can stay focused on what matters the most - their clients.

Modular Technology

Velmie’s modularity is diverse and effective in the development of a fintech product. through the options offered by our partners.

Infrastructure and Integrations

Our partner network allows for tailored solutions for each business to meet the requirements and target audiences.


With extensive experience and developers of various expertise, we can tailor the right team for you.

Security and Compliance

We effectively address security and compliance issues by providing truly cloud-based software solutions.

IP Ownership

Customers have more control and flexibility to manage and expand their business because Velmie shares IP rights with the customer.

End-to-end Delivery

Customers don't need to bring in the expertise and resources needed for systems integration and support, because Velmie does it all.

What we build

  • Neobanks and Challenger banks

  • Mobile Wallet Solutions

  • Private Banking Products

  • Brokerage & Investments

  • Instant Payments

  • Fx and Remittance Services

  • Invoice Discounting & Trade Finance

Core Features

Accounts and IBANs

Fx and Remittance

Multi-currency accounts

Physical and Virtual Card issuing

SEPA and SWIFT transfers

Credit and Savings

Retail and Business Users


Advanced reporting

Multi-language support

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