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All-in-one banking

Full-featured software platform for banks and FinTechs. Velmie provides software and services for end-to-end delivery of next-gen products globally.



Velmie provides banks with a competitive advantage through technology. We make future-proof and cost-effective software for next-generation financial services companies using modern technology and modular software architecture.


Made of multiple components, Velmie allows configuring unique features and integrations aligned with your business needs. Our team handles end-to-end delivery, training and support so you can keep focused on your customers.


The software platform can be deployed in Kubernetes clusters at any cloud hosting provider or on-premises.

Plugins & Extensions

Get the advantage of prebuilt integrations with the leading providers for payments, compliance, cards and other services. Build connections to other APIs with the help of our teams.


To ensure data security, we use a single-tenant delivery approach running software instances of every client in isolated environments.

API orchestration

Advanced orchestration technology to manage API connections on the go. The solution allows introducing new API integrations and implementing smart routing between multiple endpoints.



API Middleware

Partner Ecosystem

White-label apps

Beautifully-designed and production-tested applications to shorten time-to-market.

Mobile Apps

White-label mobile applications for iOS and Android, branded and customized for your company. Built with Flutter framework, the applications are easy to maintain and adjust for different markets and audiences.

Web App

Web interface along with the mobile applications to provide omnichannel experiences for your customers.


Looking for something unique? Together with our UX and product teams, you can build and implement a custom interface, experiences and workflows to perfectly fit your audience.

White-label apps


Instant opening and full control over multiple account types for business and retail customers. 

Individual Accounts

Configurable accounts for individual customers. Support IBANs, multi-currency, linked cards and money movement. Accounts can be used for various purposes, including checking, savings, investments, lending, etc.

Multi-Currency Accounts

Available for business and individual customers, this account types allow to hold and transact in over 150 currencies with zero Fx fees. 

Business Accounts

Multiple business account types to handle deposits, bill payments, cash advances, cross-border transfers, ecommerce and other use cases.

Minimum balance accounts

Line of credit accounts

Interest-bearing accounts

Monthly maintenance

IBANs and vIBANs



Full set of features to start and manage your card program. 

Physical cards

Issue physical cards with one or many card issuing companies connected to Velmie. Manage and control card delivery, transactions and limits with our back office system.

Prepaid cards

The fastest and easiest way to launch a card program and test ideas risk-free for fintech startups. Velmie and our partners offer a turnkey solution for prepaid cards so you can keep focused on your business and customers.

Virtual cards

Instantly issue virtual cards connected to new or existing accounts. Available to use immediately, virtual cards are one of the safest options for online shopping.

Apple Pay, Google Pay

Card management

Corporate cards

3D Secure

BIN Sponsorship



Connected payment methods to send and receive funds, exchange currencies and make withdrawals.

Bank transfers

Connected to multiple partner banks, Velmie enables global and local bank transfers for regulated institutions and merchants.

P2P Transactions

Instant P2P transfers are initiated with QR codes, payment links or address book contacts.

Bulk Payments

Domestic and international bulk payouts and all available currencies. Sync with CRM or ERP systems to automate salary payments or business payouts.

Cross-border payments

Together with our partners Velmie supports over 130 countries and 75+ currencies available for exchange and international transfers.

QR Payments

QR codes for merchants and individuals for instant A2A payments with all available currencies.


Generate branded invoices, share and get paid online with all available methods. 

Configurable transfer fees

Manage exchange rates and margins

Smart transactions routing between partner banks

Transfer requests

Payment links



Flexible solution to configure user types with the associated workflows and permissions.

Individual users

Instant onboarding with a tiered KYC system and configurable account limits per country.


Add admin and staff users with advanced RBAC system and maker-checker operations.

Business users

Scalable system for business entities with embedded permission-based staff management system.

User groups

Import & sync users


Tiered KYC



Build modern financial services solutions with embedded tools to invest in alternative currencies and assets.

Exchange and Brokerage

Add an alternative currency brokerage or exchange service to your banking product. Connected to the enterprise-grade matching engine and top liquidity providers.


Multiple custody options to ensure asset safety and regulatory compliance.


Alternative currency on-ramp, off-ramp and p2p transfers.


Custodial and non-custodial wallet service for alternative currencies and assets.

Top 50 assets supported

Secure custody

NFT tokens

On-chain and off-chain transfers

Ecommerce checkout

Digital assets

Back office

Full-fledged back office system for 360° degree overview of your business.


Data rich system with near real-time updates for enhanced business analytics and reporting. Can be synchronized with ERP systems or data analytics platforms to give even more reporting capabilities.


Data rich system with near real-time updates for enhanced business analytics and reporting. Can be synchronized with ERP systems or data analytics platforms to give even more reporting capabilities.


Prebuilt controls, workflows and validations allow changing most of the settings on the go without affecting the system performance.

Back office

Security & compliance

Organizational security

Velmie has implemented and maintains the organizational security policies under ISO 27001 which include physical and digital access management, network security, business continuity and backup practices, incident response and 3rd party risk management and others. We regularly conduct audits and risk assessments to understand and prevent any risks to our customers’ data.

Incident response

Velmie has established business continuity and disaster recovery procedures that we follow in the event of disruptions. In case of an incident, our clients get the necessary assistance under SLA with the regulated response and resolution times to ensure software availability.

Software security

Velmie regularly conducts penetration tests by our in-house engineers and with the help of external security researchers to ensure the software meets OWASP standards. Security is embedded into the development process used in our company. The code is checked by static analyzers to identify potential vulnerabilities. There are mandatory security tests performed by QA team to verify the code and CI/CD practices used by DevOps team to automate the testing and delivery of updates.

Infrastructure security

Single-tenant approach used by Velmie delivers greater security and data privacy compared to multi-tenant SaaS systems where companies’ data is not isolated. This feature also allows configuring hosting environments to meet the specific requirements of regulators. All data at Velmie is encrypted with TLS and AES-256-GCM and augmented with audit trails containing historical key data changes. The software platform also comes with numerous other security mechanisms such as API protection, Identity and Access Management (IAM), JWT-based authentication, DDoS protection, and Jail safety mechanisms. 

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Security & compliance


Ongoing support, maintenance and updates to succeed and scale.


Guaranteed performance, regulated issue response and resolution time under Service Level Agreement.

Dedicated team

Data rich system with near real-time updates for enhanced business analytics and reporting. Can be synchronized with ERP systems or data analytics platforms to give even more reporting capabilities.

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