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Digital bank featuring card issuing, day-to-day payments and international remittance.

Despite the dynamic development of financial technology, some people still can’t get full access to financial ecosystem in the EU. A significant community of foreign workers, mainly from Latin America, can’t use the financial tools or find them too costly and inconvenient.

It mainly relates to remittance transactions, when senders often must visit brick-and-mortar service providers, and payment recipients must go to bank offices to receive funds.

These problems are actual for such groups as foreign workers who often change their places of residence or are not registered in local communities and send earnings to their families back home.


End-to-end solution for a leading B2B card issuing company....


Mobile banking solution featuring cross-border payments and money transfers...


Banking platform and real estate investment syndication hub.

Keeping pace with rapidly evolving financial technology is an ongoing challengefor alternative investment firms in the United States. Their tech infrastructurerequires regular upgrades and maintenance to enhance operational efficiency,ensure compliance, and meet evolving investor preferences. Handling complexfunds, partnerships, and efficient back-office work, while meeting client needs,requires robust, secure, and modern tech


Mobile wallet platform featuring a marketplace ecosystem and rewards tokens...


Digital wallet that makes getting, saving andspending money easier for creators worldwide...


Advanced wealth management and brokerage platform built with Velmie banking technology.

TAPP Engine provides embedded digital wealth Infrastructurewith cloud-native services. The platform comes with verticallyintegrated assets servicing infrastructure that combinesmodern brokerage, custody, clearing & cash management,designed to help financial intermediaries. The users of theclients' platform are individuals and members of their families,business owners, and their partners/employees from the USA,who are focused on diversifying their investments, betterstructuring their wealth management goals.


Enabling fast and safecross-border transfers and Fx...


Building a banking app tailored for small business owners to help them grow and thrive...

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