Recent FinTech Projects

Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Velmie partnered with Cryptomarine, helping it to transform existing cryptocurrency trading business and find a solution capable of supporting the company’s growth needs. We delivered an all-in-one solution, which harmoniously aggregated cryptocurrency exchange, payment platform, operating own digital assets and integration with external platforms.

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Rokes was aimed at enabling its clients to effectively trade crypto assets from anywhere without any worries. Velmie's team performed a detailed analysis and testing for an in-depth understanding of the current issues. We contributed to the client’s infrastructure providing a reliable solution with radically enhanced cryptocurrencies exchange logic, capable of supporting high exchanging volumes and a wide range of digital assets.

Reverse Factoring Platform For Emerging Markets

MtajiTech is an African financial services provider, offering a collaborative digital marketplace platform to its customers. The main company’s goal is to enable buyers, suppliers, financiers, and service providers to interact freely and securely. Velmie partnered with Mtaji to deliver a comprehensive solution, aimed at improving platform users’ experience and provided them with a responsive website to conveniently manage their orders and invoices.

Clearing  Platform For Digital Assets

Parfin was looking for a reliable solution capable of serving institutional players who manage crypto assets across multiple trading venues. Velmie implemented a comprehensive clearing platform for digital assets, integrated with popular cryptocurrency exchanges and banking systems. The solution helped the customer to significantly improve user experience, by providing clients with the capability to comfortably view and manage all their assets through one interface.

Mobile eWallet Powered by Blockchain

Velmie helped Vivexpay to build a mobile wallet for digital asset management, one of the most advanced on the market. It comes with multi-currency support including cryptocurrencies; biometric and 2FA authentication; instant payments and p2p money transfers; cryptocurrency exchange engine; branded payment cards and more. App Store, GooglePlay

Mobile Payments System

Velmie contributes to financial inclusion by implementing a simple and secure mobile payment system in Tunisia. Digicash platform, together with Tunisian Post company, provides instant money transfers and QR payments secured by Blockchain; utility bill payments and airtime recharge service.

Revolutionizing Workforce Payments

Paidiem is revolutionizing the workforce payments space by providing companies and contractors with a convenient way to process transactions through a mobile wallet platform. The solution supports ERP system integrations to get direct access to contractors’ timesheets and bank integrations through Plaid/Dwolla to execute the transactions. With this solution, contractors can get early access to their salaries as well as request a loan from Paidiem company.

Cryptocurrency Trading Solution

Bitclear is connecting banking services with the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The solution was aimed at providing an API service to financial institutions around the world to enable smooth cryptocurrency trading across major exchanges without a need to open wallets, pass complicated identity verification and be at risk of being prosecuted by authorities.

PoS Cryptocurrency for Gamers

Gamaxa ($GAX) is a cryptocurrency for gamers worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to improve the entire cryptocurrency and gaming spaces, by combining the two. Being a completely decentralized system $GAX currency also provides options for p2p trading and exchange of game assets, additionally, assets can be verified and used in several games by the same user.

FinTech: Smart Factoring Solution

Advanon is an online platform that is a smart alternative for traditional factoring. The platform provides risk-free invoice financing and matching between SMEs and investors. Businesses got an opportunity to sell their open invoices to the platform in return for a credit.

Core Banking Platform

Ebanq is Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform for small and medium-sized small banks, savings & loans, credit unions, trust companies, and client fund managing companies.