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Future-fit Technology for Financial Institutions

Velmie exists to empower financial institutions with cutting-edge tech solutions providing great customer experiences, ultimate performance, and extreme scalability. Our modular cloud-native digital banking platform allows building very unique fintech solutions across the world. With the partner ecosystem and API orchestration layer, our clients have quick access to payment services from market-leading companies.

Next-generation fintechs get built with Velmie

To help financial services companies serve clients in an innovative and cost-effective way by equipping them with cutting-edge technology solutions.

We build customized banking software solutions for both established organizations and ambitious startups. Our platform provides highly-scalable, secure and compliant financial technology for a variety of use cases, including banking, wealth management, trading, e-wallets and more.


“At Velmie, we believe that modern technology can change the way people feel about finance. With this in mind, we created fully customizable and scalable banking software that helps our clients drive the evolution of financial services worldwide.”

Slava Ivashkin, CEO


Start and Thrive with Velmie

Velmie is not only a software platform but your long-term partner helping to maximize business performance throuthough the lifecycle.

Improve time-to-market

Go live faster with the banking software platform, APIs, white-label applications, guides and our dedicated teams.

Deliver exceptional experiences

Modular cross-platform applications branded and customized to serve the purpose and fit the target audience.

Extend on demand

A number of modules and extensions always available to extend the functionality as you progress

Seamless integrations

Use built-in integrations with to expand the product capabilities and uncover new opportunities. Bring your preferred partners and build custom integrations with the help of our team.

SLA Support

Ongoing tech support plans to fit your business on every stage. 

Obtain full IP

Ensure the sustainability of your business by obtaining full IP of the software system 

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