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Velmie Launches Customizable Business Banking Platform

Velmie launched its Business Banking Platform designed to help financial services providers and FinTechs broaden their product offering...


Velmie adds card module to white label embedded finance package

Velmie announced a release of an updated composable white-label solution to build and launch a fintech business...


Velmie Unveils New Software Platform for Syndicated Investment Firms, Revolutionizing the US Market

Velmie, a wealth management technology provider, announces the launch of its new software platform built exclusively for syndicated investment...


Velmie Introduces Advanced Front End Technology For FinTechs

Velmie, a digital banking solutions provider, has released an advanced white-label UI...


Velmie launches its 8ghtX App

US-based Velmie has launched its 8ghtX App in collaboration with ResClub, a new product designed to integrate banking services and investment capabilities...


Velmie Unveils Best-in-Class APP UI for Fintechs

Velmie released mobile applications for banks and fintechs, setting a new standard for out-of-the-box white-label UI.

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