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Modular banking core system for next-generation finance.

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Revolutionizing the Way Financial Products Are Built

Velmie helps financial institutions effectively address modern-day challenges with a fully customizable digital banking platform and professional services. The software platform comes as a combination of back-end services, mobile applications, web front-end for clients and administrators, and an extensive API for developers. We handle ongoing maintenance and technical support, thus, our clients feel confident while staying focused on their business. ​ Security and scalability are at the very heart of the software and our mission is to deliver reliable and future-proof tech solutions for all types of financial services companies.

Truly modular

Microservices infrastructure makes our banking software platform modular and extremely flexible, allowing us to perform customizations, integrations, and extensions in an efficient manner.

Best UX

We design intuitive and straightforward interfaces that stand out. Our solutions ensure smooth engagement and drive customer loyalty.

API Ecosystem

Get connected to the multitude of partner banks and payment companies across the globe to provide extensive coverage, deep liquidity, and the best rates.


We empower businesses to innovate and build new products that meet the needs of the ever-changing market by providing instant access to our partner ecosystem.


Reduce the long-term operational costs with efficient cloud infrastructure, affordable maintenance costs and a variety of additional services.


A one-size-fits-all solutions don’t exist and our platform is designed with customizations in mind. We help connecting APIs, changing UI and adding new features.

Fast go to market

A complete out-of-the-box system to go into production drastically fast. Even with the customizations, it will only take a fraction of time compared to other options. 


“Velmie allowed us to significantly reduce time-to-market when starting a wealth management solution. A huge advantage is the availability of customizations and the API middleware that allows fast connectivity to partner banks."

Tosin Osunsanya,


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Case study: Wealth Management Platform

TAPP Engine is a next-generation platform that provides embedded digital wealth infrastructure with cloud-native services combining modern brokerage, custody, clearing, and cash management. It is designed to help financial intermediaries build custom banking platforms that meet the specific needs of their clients. TAPP Engine's vertically integrated servicing infrastructure provides a single platform for managing all aspects of a banking platform, from account opening and onboarding to customer support and fraud prevention. This makes it easy for financial intermediaries to launch and operate their own banking platforms without having to invest in and maintain multiple systems. TAPP Engine is used by a variety of financial intermediaries, including banks, credit unions, wealth management firms, and fintech companies. Its clients' users are individuals and families, business owners, and their partners/employees from the USA, who are focused on diversifying their investments and better structuring their wealth management goals.

01. Banks

In today's digital age, financial institutions are facing numerous tech challenges including ever-evolving customer expectations, implementation of emerging technologies, increasing technology costs, and the growing number of security threats. To remain competitive and meet customers' demands banks need to embrace digital transformation. We help organizations sustain the challenges by modernizing their banking technology for more agility, customer-centricity, and innovations.


A full range of banking features


Smooth, interactive and configurable onboarding flows optimized for high conversion rate. Stay safe and compliant while providing exceptional experiences to the clients.


Issue branded debit, credit or prepaid cards with one of many integrated issuers. Go live with your card program quickly leveraging the opportunities of white-label apps.  


Full range of account services for all purposes. Issue IBANs and vIBANs, provide current, savings or credit accounts, manage the account fees and a lot more.


We provide comprehensive payments features to enure all possible scenario. The system features traditional transfer methods as well as modern alternatives such as QR, payment links, address book transfers, on-chain and off-chain digital asset transactions and more.

 Business banking

Full set of functions to serve business clients of all size. The software platform features business onboarding, KYB, business accounts and staff permissions management, invoicing, bulk payouts and automated payments.

 API and marketplace

Leverage the opportunities of open APIs and service marketplace to quickly scale and build new offerings with our vetted partners.

 White-label apps

 Emerging tech

As the emerging technology is getting traction across the finance, we help organizations to embrace it by providing modern tech infrastructure that comes with embedded digital asset support, AI tools and open banking capabilities.


We help banks stay compliant to local regulations with our software platform that can be deployed on any cloud provider or on-premises. With single-tenant approach organizations can retain full ownership of data and the software system.

In the modern world digital experiences remain the biggest challenge for many financial organizations. We solve it with best-in-class white label applications that meet highest standards of UX and performance.

Not sure how to start?
Get a prototype in 2 weeks.

Banking and finance tech can be complicated. Let our advisors, business analysts and technical experts help to translate your ideas into a solid project plan. Whether you're a challenger bank or established institution, we can help you eliminate the complexities and get full advantage of the modern tech solutions. Work with our digital banking experts to ideate, design, and deliver a successful prototype in a matter of weeks.

  • Run Business Analysis together with our team

  • Explore the technology and design system architecture

  • Explore the marketplace and available service APIs

  • Build product demo to validate the idea

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