Digital Banking Software

White-label platform branded and customized for your banking solution.

Velmie helps financial institutions effectively address modern-day challenges with the fully customizable digital banking platform and professional services.

Our software solution comes as a combination of back-end services, mobile application, web front-end for clients and administrators and an extensive API for developers. We handle ongoing maintenance and technical support, thus, our clients feel confident while staying focused on their business.

Modular architecture for great flexibility

Microservices infrastructure makes our platform modular and extremely flexible, allowing to perform customizations, innovations and extensions in an efficient manner.

Increasing customer retention

We design intuitive and straightforward interfaces that stand out. Implementing best practices our solutions ensure smooth engagement and drive cutomer loyalty.

Open API for endless integration possibilities

Ensuring data security and compliance

Our technology helps banks establish a culture of compliance. By meeting control & processes requirements you are free from costly consequences and risks.

Multiple Challenges - One Banking Solution

Banks and Financial Institutions

Payroll solutions

Fintech platforms

Brokerage & Investments

POS & Merchant services

Loan origination

Fiat & Crypto payments

Neobank projects

BNPL Solutions



Velmie white-label banking software comes as a collection of configurable standalone modules to handle the core functionality for financial services. Every client a unique configuration and set up depending on the type of solution and business needs.

Multicurrency bank accounts

Individual & business accounts

Savings & credit accounts

Card issuing

P2P Transfers

International & domestic transfers

Currency exchange



Cryptocurrency wallets

Buy, sell, sent cryptocurrencies

RBAC, audit trail and more

Mobile Bank For Female Entrepreneurs

Building a banking app tailored for small business owners to help them grow and thrive.

Pan-African Mobile Banking Solution

Building a mobile bank for international remittance, bill payments and p2p transfers. Web interface and wallet apps for iOS and Android powered by Velmie digital banking platform.

Our mission is to provide financial institutions with modern-edge technology embracing innovative solutions, omnichannel experiences and modern approach to solving clients' needs. Velmie provides the entire digital banking infrastructure with a connectivity to multiple card issuers, ACH and SEPA transfers, identity verification providers and more.

On top of that, there is modular back end infrastructure allows configuring customized solutions specific to particular markets or business cases. We can effectively serve projects for retail and business banking, brokerage platforms, international remittance service, savings and loans solutions and more. All of our clients can expect individual approach to their needs as well as fully customized end-to-end software solution delivered to them.

Do you build custom banking solutions?

We offer a variety of services related to banking software development. It includes building fully customized platforms and providing dedicated teams for clients’ projects.

How do you differ from other vendors?

We come with multiple advantages: modern technologies like Go, Flutter and innovative frameworks, ability for clients to acquire full source code, flexible terms of maintenance and support, and other.

Can you deliver a turn-key banking platform?

The white-label solution allows us to deliver production-ready banking solutions that meet compliance requirements. We also perform all the necessary integrations and configurations to provide you with a fully operational product.

How long does it take to build a bank on your platform?

Our software is ready to launch within 24 hours and since then you can start banking operations. However, it is frequently required to implement certain integrations and customized workflows, in this case it may take from 1 to 4 months to get everything in place.

Is it a compliant solution?

Our solutions meets KYC/AMP, GDPR, FCA, PCI DSS, PSD2 and numerous other regulations.

How can existing banks benefit from your technology?

Banks that are looking to enhance their IT systems can effectively integrate our API solutions to extend their services and capacity. Our specialists will guide your technical team through the process.

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