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Fintech Market Forecast 2023

Get actionable insights from industry experts.


At Velmie we handle annual market research to be on track with trends and opportunities. This whitepaper is based on the statistical results of our survey and comments from industry experts.

The report provides an overview of the Fintech trends, sectors to grow, challenges and opportunities based on the results of the survey. Some additional insights from the industry experts and Velmie’s use cases will give you a more detailed picture of the current situation and help with the business predictions in 2023.


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About Velmie

Velmie is a tech company providing a range of tools and solutions for Fintech businesses. Our mission is to deliver competitive advantage with cutting-edge technology crafted for specific businesses and markets. With our white-label platform and partner ecosystem we deliver end-to-end solutions for banks, fintechs and payment companies.

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