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Neobank Effortlessly

Modern software technology for next-generation finance.


Ultimate software for neobanks

We know how challenging it is to introduce unrivaled product offerings and experiences to the financial services market. It requires agility and modern technology advances, adoption to ever-evolving customer demands, and delivery of highly personalized experiences. Velmie has been designed to help founders and product teams go live faster without compromising capabilities and user experience.

Fast launch

We provide comprehensive software technology to go live with a neobank project at supersonic speed. You no longer have to build the back office or customer-facing apps from scratch, spending months and losing the market opportunities.


As you’re building a unique solution, nothing can fit out of the box. Our project teams can help build unique features, workflows and integrations to implement your vision with 100% accuracy.


Unlock the benefits of carefully vettet parter banks and card issuers across the US, EU, UK and GCC. Access best-in-class services available in a few clicks from our partner ecosystem.


Building next-generation financial services requires a modern tech stack embracing AI, ML and digital currencies to drive innovations.


Starting a neobank is a journey full of complexities. We help eliminate hurdles by guiding our customers through the process and providing full tech support.


Buy vs Build is dilemma no more. Our solution combines the best of both worlds, offeringt customized software that you own at a cost of a SaaS.


Over 50 organizations have chosen us to enhance their tech infrastructure. With an average customer satisfaction rate of 4.8, we stand out as one of the most admired tech vendors.


The Velmie team works with a high level of professionalism. That got my attention since the beginning of the project, especially in our case where our technical expertise was on the weak side. They put all the tools and resources at your hand so you can follow and be part of the process all along. And I have to say, they are all very friendly.

Alejandro González,

Head of Product & Founding Partner, Reddo.

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Case Study: Reddo Credit 

Reddo is a modern neobank platform located in Spain, offering a complete range of services such as account setup, physical and virtual debit cards, international payment solutions, and lending options. Velmie took the lead in providing comprehensive back-end and front-end technologies, empowering Reddo with a diverse set of tools to streamline its operations effectively. By leveraging white-label front-end applications, Reddo expedited its market entry strategy, leveraging favorable market conditions to swiftly establish a prominent presence.

Build your neobank today

Kickstart your neobank swiftly with our solution. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from tech provision to expert business consulting, ensuring a seamless journey from inception to operation.



All you need for a neobank

 Digital onboarding

Completely automated digital onboarding via mobile application. Advanced SCA technology for proof of identity including face recognition, fingerprints, passcodes and SMS verification.

 Individual and Business users 

The platform is suitable for both retail and corporate banking thanks to its modular technology.

 Savings and Lending

Enable instant loans, automated savings, BNPL and salary advance with the powerful accounts module.

 Back Office System

Extensive back office administration dashboard with full control over users, fees, accounts and transactions.

 Virtual and Physical Cards

Issue branded virtual and physical cards globally with our partners.

 Currency exchange

The software supports most of the currencies making it possible to implement international remittance, investments, FX and more.

Uncertain about where to begin? Get a prototype within just 2 weeks!

Navigating banking and finance technology can be intricate. Rely on our experienced advisors, business analysts, and technical experts to transform your concepts into a robust project blueprint. Whether you represent a challenger bank or an an established institution, our aim is to streamline complexities, enabling you to harness the complete potential of modern tech solutions. Collaborate with our digital banking specialists to conceptualize, design, and swiftly deliver a successful prototype. 

  • Engage in Business Analysis alongside our team

  • Explore the technology and design system architecture 

  • Analyse the service marketplace and available APIs

  • Create a product demo for idea validation

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