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Wealth Management Software Solutions

Advanced software platform for forward-thinking wealth management companies.

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go-to-market solutions

Modular software platform for highly customized solutions for wealth management companies, private banks, and investment advisors. The innovative API orchestration technology allows connections to multiple payment rails while omnichannel interfaces bring engagement and convenience to the clients.


Built with microservices architecture, the software is configurable to perfectly fit your business workflows. With rapidly changing market conditions, modularity helps you adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

API Connections

Increase the reach and customer base with the help of API ecosystem. Instantly connect to over 50 services to expand on payments, compliance, brokerage, and more.


From idea to a live working product, our team is your partner in success. We help you implement your unique visions into reality, guiding you through the entire process, step-by-step. Our team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of all aspects of product development, from ideation to launch and beyond.

✓ Tailored solutions

Every business has its own unique needs, and off-the-shelf solutions can often be too rigid or inflexible to meet those needs. That's why I love building tailored solutions that are 100% matched to clients' business needs. 

✓ Cost-effective

It is easy to start and maintain your tech with our solutions. It has been designed to save costs and make banking technology easily accessible to everyone.

All-in-one platform

Omnichannel experiences and API ecosystems are must-haves to run a successful fintech nowadays. We bring it all to the table and set up in your way.

Fast go to market

Go live in weeks with a complete white-label solution without a need to invest significant resources.

“Velmie allowed us to significantly reduce time-to-market when starting a wealth management solution. A huge advantage is the availability of customizations and the API middleware that allows fast connectivity to partner banks."

Tosin Osunsanya,


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Case study: Wealth Management Platform

TAPP Engine is a next-generation platform that provides embedded digital wealth infrastructure with cloud-native services combining modern brokerage, custody, clearing, and cash management. It is designed to help financial intermediaries build custom banking platforms that meet the specific needs of their clients. TAPP Engine's vertically integrated servicing infrastructure provides a single platform for managing all aspects of a banking platform, from account opening and onboarding to customer support and fraud prevention. This makes it easy for financial intermediaries to launch and operate their own banking platforms without having to invest in and maintain multiple systems. TAPP Engine is used by a variety of financial intermediaries, including banks, credit unions, wealth management firms, and fintech companies. Its clients' users are individuals and families, business owners, and their partners/employees from the USA, who are focused on diversifying their investments and better structuring their wealth management goals.

01. Private banks

We help private banks sustain the rapidly changing market landscape. The private banking market is facing a number of challenges, including increasing competition from fintech startups, rising regulatory compliance costs, and the need introduce new technologies such as AI to meet the demands of clients. HNWIs, the main customer base, is becoming younger and requires more digitalization and personalized experiences. Explore how Velmie helps private banks with digital transformation to stay on the edge and scale the online presence.


Explore the trends and opportunities

Get the latest insights on digital banking and wealth management industries. Velmie conducts yearly survey of top market players helping to identify the biggest trends and explore opportunities for growth.

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Why Velmie 
is your go-to partner for technology advancements.

Modular software platform for highly customized solutions for wealth management companies, private banks, and investment advisors. The innovative API orchestration technology allows connections to multiple payment rails while omnichannel interfaces bring engagement and convenience to the clients.

Enhanced flexibility

Velmie wealth management platform is built on a modular system that enables excellent flexibility and plenty of options for how projects can be done. Velmie allows you to customize the financial product to meet your specific business needs and create a unique offering in the market. Our development team can perform complex integrations and develop new features to improve the user experience and core functionality at any point of time based on customers’ feedback or market conditions.

All-embracing platform


We can help you launch wealthtech solutions quickly and efficiently. With Velmie, you can go live with a new product in less than 1 month and offer a range of new opportunities to your customers. Velmie is cloud-based, giving your customers 24/7 access with up to 99.9% uptime.


Velmie is the most versatile private banking solution on the market. We work with a dozen institutions, including banks, wealth managers, asset managers, trust companies, RIA and more.

Velmie is a one-stop wealth software platform with all the features you need to start and scale. We adapt to your business vertical, audience, corporate structure, and local market attributes.

Let's discuss your tech needs today!

Back office

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User management

Configure and manage various business and retail user types. Set up custom permissions and the available features with the RBAC system.

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Accounts and transactions

Set up the necessary account types and terms. Take control of transaction flow with the embedded monitoring and reporting tools.

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Reporting and compliance

An advanced reporting system for a 360-degree overview of customers' accounts, transactions, revenues, and reconciliations, with embedded tools to comply with AML policies, is a powerful tool for financial institutions. It can help banks to better understand their customers' needs and risks and to identify and mitigate potential fraud and financial crime.

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Fees management

Full control over the transaction, accounts, and Fx fees. Configurable revenue accounts and revenue reporting tools.

Customer experience

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Mobile apps

Stunningly designed mobile apps for 24/7 customer service with an incredible experience. Built with cross-platform technology for hassle-free customizations. 

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Web interface

Responsive web interface for retail and business customers with configurable features and services.

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Automated transactional messages, reminders, and marketing campaigns via embedded email, SMS, push- and in-app messaging services.

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Digital onboarding


A fully digital KYC system to streamline the onboarding and make it fast, easy, and interactive. Account tiers to stay compliant and provide personalized offers.


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Enable fully automated AI-powered identity verification and AML monitoring to stay protected and compliant.

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Open Banking

Integrations to open banking for instant payments, risk scoring, and account authentication. Bring more convenient payment methods to your customers while gaining greater insights into them. 

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Cards and payments

Issue Visa/MC cards under your brand with one of many card issuers connected to the platform. Start a debit, credit, or loyalty card program without a need to build a new tech.

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Brokers and custodians

Connect to vetter brokers and custodians to expand the supported asset types including crypto, stock, options, and more.

Security and availability

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We use the most advanced SCA tools and techniques extended with extra security functions to provide a best-in-class authentication method.

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Data encryption

We carefully analyze the data and store only the necessary pieces of it that are required for the correct platform operation. All sensitive data is stored as hash strings so that they cannot be decrypted. 

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Application security

Multi-dimensional security strategy used for software development, testing, and quality assurance. Velmie is ISO 27001 certified and audited to ensure the highest standards of software security are delivered to our clients.

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Service availability


Velmie offers infrastructure and service availability solutions utilizing Redundancy, Self-healing, and Replication strategies.

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