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Capital Plus: Pan-African Digital Wallet

Mobile banking solution featuring cross-border payments and money transfers


Africa is still home to roughly half of the unbanked population,
making basic financial operations such as transfers, currency
exchange, and bill payments cumbersome or even impossible

Fortunately, the region's rapidly growing number of mobile
users, decreasing internet costs, and expanding network
coverage, combined with a young, fast-growing, and
increasingly urban population has led to digital banking
emerging as a powerful solution to the problem. By providing a
cost-effective and convenient solution for managing finances,
digital banking can bridge the gap and help those who have
previously been excluded from the financial ecosystem.

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The mission of Capital Plus is to provide innovative solutions to current financial and economic development challenges delivering
cutting-edge digital services to unbanked and underbanked populations in the region. The company introduces a mobile banking
solution for local and international mobile payments, bill payment, cross-border remittance, foreign exchange and card issuance
for citizens in Africa as well as individuals worldwide, enhancing the region’s inclusion into the world’s financial life.



Capital Plus platform is a digital wallet built with the banking technology by Velmie combining scalability, composability, and a robust API ecosystem for a seamless, secure, and super convenient way to manage finances. It’s a fully managed e-wallet payment system that allows users to send, request, top-up, withdraw funds, and pay local bills.


The platform also provides the issuing of virtual and physical cards to be used for various international payments such as Netflix or others, that were previously unavailable in the region. It’s featured with P2P, P2M (person to merchant) and M2P (merchant to person) payments and transfers through reliable global financial service providers.

The solution meets the high-level KYC and security requirements and ensures monitoring of the current account balance, payments, recharging account balance, and withdrawal funds from the account. The Velmie API orchestration technology provides virtually limitless integration options with local and international providers allowing users to get access to a fully personalized and seamless experience.


 Instant onboarding and KYC

 Virtual and physical cards issuing

 Local and international mobile payments

 Domestic and cross-border P2P, P2M, M2P transfers

 QR payments

 Cash in/Cash out

 Push notifications and support chat

 and more

 Bill payments

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