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Wallet System

Mobile wallet platform featuring a marketplace ecosystem and rewards tokens.

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Increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction is the biggest challenge in the fintech world because customer behavior determines the ultimate success of a product. Blockchain technology has discovered new opportunities for implementing reward programs with digital tokens that can be freely transferred between clients and exchanged between merchants.

The Story

Pearls is an app to earn, spend and store digital rewards tokens. It is aimed to be an advanced and cost-effective solution for merchants to attract and retain clients with the help of emerging tech. With Pearls, businesses can mint and distribute branded tokens across multiple channels. The unique tokenomy model allows branded tokens to be freely exchanged within the wallet.

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The Solution

Built with white-label technology by Velmie, Pearls entered the market with unique offerings for both merchants and consumers, using emerging blockchain technology to solve day-to-day problems. It is a powerful customer acquisition and community tool, allowing clients to collect and store digital rewards and spend them online or offline in the stores.

Merchants got a tool to accept fiat and digital currency in a single tap transaction; create and promote branded tokens; attract customers and grow sales without discounting.

Venues and channel partners can get more traffic to a location with the help of Pearls; stimulate tenant, stall or local sales; attract and entertain crowds and add more value to an event or a location.

And, finally, customers can enjoy a convenient tool to collect and spend in the preferred stores with a single tap. The transactions processing system automatically calculates and converts the available tokens, applies them to a transaction and processes tokens along with card funds.

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Day-to-day payments and international remittance for underbanked communities in the EU. 

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Platform integrated with real and virtual worlds to manage end user payments.

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Cryptocurrency exchange for European and South Africa’s markets.

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