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Modern bespoke solutions for fintech

All-in-one banking software platform for next-generation finance. Velmie provides a suite of products to build engaging and future-proof solutions for banks and fintechs. Secure. Scalable. End-to-end.

Mobile banking solution for SME

Building a mobile bank with Velmie

Our team of seasoned professionals effectively handles every step of the software development process by applying technical, business, and compliance expertise.

All-in-one software platform

Velmie delivered a complete solution that includes back end, mobile applications for iOS and Android, web interface and API connections.


The dedicated project team managed to customize the application and build unique features and workflows.

Ongoing support

Our team provides 24/7 SLA support with regulated response and resolution times so clients can stay focused on business.


Built with a modern cross-platform technology (Flutter), our mobile banking apps bring ultimate efficiency of development and maintenance.


Powered by a comprehensive banking core system, our mobile banking platform stands as a future-proof solution designed for seamless scalability and sustained growth.


Built with a modular architecture and an array of built-in features, our platform offers extensive configurability, enabling it to effortlessly manage hundreds of use cases and customer journeys.


More than 50 organizations have selected us to elevate their tech infrastructure. With an impressive average customer satisfaction rate of 4.8, we proudly distinguish ourselves as one of the most esteemed tech vendors.


The Velmie team works with a high level of professionalism. That got my attention since the beginning of the project, especially in our case where our technical expertise was on the weak side. They put all the tools and resources at your hand so you can follow and be part of the process all along. And I have to say, they are all very friendly.

Alejandro González,

Head of Product & Founding Partner, Reddo.

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Case Study: Reddo Credit 

Reddo is a modern neobank platform located in Spain, offering a complete range of services such as account setup, physical and virtual debit cards, international payment solutions, and lending options. Velmie took the lead in providing comprehensive back-end and front-end technologies, empowering Reddo with a diverse set of tools to streamline its operations effectively. By leveraging white-label front-end applications, Reddo expedited its market entry strategy, leveraging favorable market conditions to swiftly establish a prominent presence.

01. Banks

Upgrade your bank's IT infrastructure with our mobile banking platform—a seamless solution tailored for institutions seeking modernization. Through our comprehensive tech and business consultancy, we specialize in crafting and executing digital transformation strategies that propel banks into an innovative future.


Start your mobile bank today

Contact us for more information about our mobile banking technology and the range of services we offer. Discover the benefits of our cutting-edge stack, composability, and API orchestration designed for the future of finance.




 Payment Acceptance

The system enables starting e-commerce payment and mPOS solutions, offering instant QR transactions, invoicing capabilities, payment links, and a range of other payment methods.

 Individual and Business Users

Our solution's versatility in catering to both individual and business users sets it apart in the market, enabling the launch of diverse superapp and merchant solutions.

 Virtual and Physical Cards

Thanks to our exclusive partnerships and extensive business connections, our clients can initiate branded card programs worldwide without the need to engage with multiple vendors. This streamlined approach offers efficiency and convenience for our clients' global initiatives.

 Biometric security

Biometrics stands as a leading-edge security measure in thwarting unauthorized access to accounts. Paired with a suite of other bank-grade security features, it comes as a default function with our mobile banking app.


With support for more than 150 currencies, our system is designed for truly global solutions, facilitating cross-border transfers, payouts, and Fx transactions.


Our software features an integrated investments module. Upon activation, you can provide clients with diverse investment solutions, including stocks and alternative assets. The software platform seamlessly connects you to trusted brokers, ensuring a smooth and successful launch of your investment offerings.

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