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Middle East. Digital Banking Outlook

The whitepaper covering the state of Fintech and digital banking industry in the region. 

Mobile Banking Outlook Report 2021

Get an insider's view on fintech industry trends and opportunities

The Middle East is considered one of the most thrilling and promising areas for the fintech industry. With favorable demographics and regulations, economic potential, digital appetite and mobile penetration, the region is primed for exponential growth in digital banking products over the coming decade.

Digital banking solutions providers are recognizing the immense potential of the Middle East, stretching from the UAE and Qatar to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar. They are actively engaging with this dynamic region to tap into its opportunities and meet the growing demand for innovative financial services.

In our Middle East Digital Banking Outlook, we comprehensively analyze the fintech landscape within the most diverse region in the world. Our assessment identifies key areas of opportunity and highlights the standout fintech companies that are shaping the industry's future.

What's inside

  • State of Fintech and banking environment in the Middle East

  • Major fintech players and digital banking solutions providers in the region

  • Fintech market forecast, opportunities, and challenges

  • Overview of Fintech trends in the most promising countries of the region

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About Velmie

Velmie is a Fintech software company with valuable regional-specific knowledge of the most demanded services and integration capabilities. 

Velmie has an extensive portfolio of fintech solutions, including digital bank, mobile wallet, payment, remittance and card issuing solutions. It also has a dedicated team that supports platform adaptations, customizations, and integrations.

The features of its mobile wallet platform, built on micro-services architecture, include secure authorization, interactive identity verification, branded payment cards, real-time money transfers and currency conversion, multiple currency support, real-time QR code payments and more. It is an ideal financial software provider in terms of quality and price-quality ratio.

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