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Top 20 Islamic Banking Software Providers
in 2024

Islamic banking is becoming more popular in many countries and regions where Islam is practised, leading to a steady rise in financial services based on these principles.

Learn more about Islamic banking, its principals, top software providers and how to choose Islamic banking software.

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Top Islamic banking software providers comparison table

Author: Alena Tomchuk

Last updated March 26



Financial markets going global have boosted digital banking, creating a higher demand for Islamic finance worldwide. Islamic finance believes money shouldn't have its worth, allowing people to manage finances according to their religious beliefs.

With around 1.9 billion Muslims globally, access to Islamic finance is becoming increasingly essential. The Islamic fintech market is experiencing rapid growth, with total assets forecasted to reach $128 billion by 2025 at a rate of 21% CAGR, outpacing conventional fintech's growth of 15% in the same period. Millennials represent a crucial demographic for digital Sharia-compliant banking, with recent studies showing that 56% of young Muslims would utilize Islamic banking if it were more accessible, highlighting the need for increased accessibility as 32% currently lack access to Sharia-compliant banks.

What is Islamic Finance?

The spread of financial markets worldwide has led to more digital banking and a higher demand for Islamic finance. Diverging from conventional Western financial practices, Islamic finance operates under Sharia compliance, guided by distinct principles: 

  • People should avoid earning money just by having money, which means they shouldn't get paid or pay interest.

  • Finance should not cause harm, which means Islamic financial services should refrain from investing in any items or substances prohibited in the Quran, such as alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.

  • There is encouragement of partnership (Mudarabah), where both profit and risks should be shared.

Simply put, Islamic banking software is a specialized solution designed for Islamic financial institutions, streamlining financial operations while adhering to Shariah law principles, including the prohibition of interest (RIBA) and the promotion of risk-sharing and asset-backed transactions.

Islamic banking is now transitioning into a mature growth phase, marked by heightened competition. To sustain continuous growth, there's a pressing need for product innovation and the delivery of superior customer value.


To realize ambitious plans aimed at enhancing business agility, boosting performance, and generating substantial savings, Islamic financial institutions are encouraged to collaborate with a top Islamic banking software provider. Such a partnership can leverage the provider's expertise to facilitate swift, secure, and cost-effective business transformation.

According to Technavio, the Islamic banking software market is projected to experience robust growth, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) estimated at 10.75% from 2022 to 2027. This growth is anticipated to increase to USD 2,731.39 million in market size. Several factors contribute to this expansion, including the issuance of smart cards by Islamic banks, the rise in Sukuk issuance, and the increasing mobility within the banking industry.

Comparing global banking practices highlights significant distinctions between Western conventional banks and Islamic banking principles, where conventional banks can invest in various industries without liability for potential losses. In contrast, Islamic banks adhere to Sharia law, investing only in socially responsible sectors and operating without interest, instead sharing profits and losses with customers. Now, let's delve deeper into these differences.

Conventional banking

Islamic banking

Financing instruments

Traditional banks typically offer their customers only one type of financing, which is a "loan." Whether an individual, a business, or a corporate entity, they all have access to various products that ultimately involve borrowing money from the bank. While traditional banks offer different products like credit cards, car loans, and long-term loans tailored to different customer needs, they all essentially boil down to borrowing from the bank. For example, a credit card represents a form of debt, and even car lease financing ultimately results in the customer owing money to the bank. Similarly, businesses can access both short-term and long-term financing from traditional banks, which essentially amounts to them borrowing money and paying interest or markup to the bank over time.

Islamic banking employs alternative financial structures that adhere to Sharia law, avoiding traditional loans with interest.

Rental basis

  • Ijarah - a bank acquires an asset and leases it to a customer for a specific period. A bank retains ownership throughout the lease period.

Trade/Sale basis

  • Murabaha - a bank buys a commodity and then sells it to customers who make payments in instalments.

  • Musawammah - unlike Murabaha, Musawammah doesn't disclose the bank's actual cost for a commodity, allowing customers to negotiate the price.

  • Salam - customers pay 100% upfront to purchase a commodity from the bank for future delivery.

  • Istinsa - customers pay in advance for a commodity that has not yet been produced, with delivery scheduled for a later time.. 

  • Tijarah - a bank buys a commodity from customers and then sells it in the market. 


Partnership basis

  • Musharkah - a joint venture is when partners pool their investments to conduct business and share profits or losses based on agreed-upon ratios. 

  • Mudarabah - in a joint venture, customers provide capital, known as Rab-ul-Maal, while the bank serves as the Mudarib, offering its services. Islamic banks engage in Mudarib by investing their clients’ Rab-ul-Maal in Sharia-compliant ventures, sharing the resulting profits with customers monthly, according to predetermined ratios.

Main commodity

Traditional banks consider currency or money as a commodity, allowing them to trade or rent it to make a profit.

Islamic banks do not treat money as a commodity, so they cannot sell or rent money to generate profits. Charging interest on money in a debt agreement is considered Riba, which is prohibited in Islamic finance.  Assets or products serve as a means of preserving value, while money primarily functions as a medium of exchange

Risk sharing

Conventional banks solely provide debt to customers, where the only risk involved is the potential default by the borrower. They do not share any risks with their customers; instead, all financial risks fall entirely on the borrower, or customer.

Islamic banks offer participatory modes such as Musharakah and Mudarabah, which involve profit and loss sharing according to agreed ratios, thereby sharing risks with customers. In trade-based modes like Murabaha, Salam, and Istisna, Islamic banks bear the risk of the commodity before selling it to the customer. Similarly, in Ijarah-based modes, the bank owns the asset and bears the risk of complete loss.

Long-term investments

Interest accumulates over the years of the loan term.

Alfalah Diminishing Musharakah - A bank purchases an asset and sells a portion to customers upfront, allowing the customer to utilize the asset. The customer makes equal monthly payments, gradually increasing their ownership while the bank's share decreases over time. 

Alfalah Ijarah - A bank purchases an asset for a customer, who pays back the value in monthly instalments. The customer can either receive the asset as a gift (Hiba) at the end of the tenure or complete the sale with the final payment.

Deliver innovative Sharia-compliant digital banking products

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Top 20 Islamic Banking Software Providers


We are Velmie, a banking software provider specializing in modular architecture and robust API solutions tailored for banks and fintech companies. Established in 2011 by a team with over 15 years of fintech expertise, we are headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our offerings include highly scalable, reliable, and secure solutions, complemented by Sharia-compliance services aimed at surpassing customer expectations and establishing a leading position in the dynamic fintech landscape. With a track record of serving over 20 million active customers and maintaining a 99.9% service availability, we possess extensive experience in launching digital banks, mobile wallets, and payment solutions across Africa, Asia, and the MENA region.

Our platform offers key features that make it an ideal solution for agent banking: 

  • API and integrations: Our strong API layer allows smooth integrations with a core banking system and other financial tools and services.

  • User-friendly UI: Intuitive and straightforward interfaces ensure a smooth customer journey and engagement. 

  • Modularity: A microservices infrastructure makes our banking software platform modular and extremely flexible, allowing it to perform customizations, integrations, and extensions efficiently.

  • Security and compliance: We prioritize robust security measures and stringent compliance protocols to ensure a safe and regulatory-compliant financial environment.

  • Full tech support: Starting an agency banking journey can be complex, but we're here to help. We guide our customers through the process and provide comprehensive tech support every step of the way.

Sopra 2_edited.jpg

Sopra Banking Software provides an extensive suite of tailored solutions for the banking sector. Their portfolio encompasses core banking systems, digital banking platforms, lending solutions, payment systems, and other software crafted to address the evolving requirements of financial institutions. With a global presence, the company serves diverse clients, including retail banks, corporate banks, and financial institutions. Their solutions are designed to streamline operations, elevate customer experiences, and enable clients to navigate the dynamic landscape of the financial services industry.


The Sopra Banking Platform for Islamic Banking offers a comprehensive suite covering the entire spectrum of Islamic finance, including Islamic investments, deposits, trade finance, Global Pool per currency, DAT Islamic Restreint (Wakala), Islamic treasury, and capital markets.


As the structuring of Islamic financial products evolves globally, international organizations are working on standardizing these products. However, the regulatory framework and local contexts in each country necessitate tailored applications of Islamic finance practices. Sopra Banking assists Islamic financial institutions in addressing and overcoming challenges, including the imperative to innovate and develop Sharia-compliant structured products.


Newgen is a global provider of digital transformation solutions, catering to industries such as banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, government, and more. With over 25 years of industry experience, Newgen has served over 600 customers in over 60 countries, including leading banks and financial institutions worldwide. Their innovative solutions have facilitated process automation, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences, contributing to their reputation as a trusted partner in digital transformation.


Newgen provides a Sharia-compliant digital financing platform designed to meet the specific requirements of the Islamic banking community. The solutions can seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and are available both on-premises and on the cloud. Newgen covers a range of lines of business including Ijarah, Murabaha, Tawarruq, Mudarabah, Musharakah, and Istisna’a.


Temenos is an advanced banking platform leveraging cloud technology to support various banking activities, from retail to corporate and treasury services, enabling banks to offer tailored products while maintaining low costs. Temenos stands out for its commitment to innovation and compliance, boasting an open and adaptable platform designed to seamlessly integrate with cloud services, catering to businesses of all sizes. Trusted by over 1000 banks across 150 countries, Temenos has demonstrated its capability by supporting up to 150,000 transactions per second, facilitating the management of vast finance loans and retail accounts through the Temenos Banking Cloud.


For more than 25 years, Temenos has been providing the Islamic finance community with adaptable, scalable, and innovative Sharia-compliant solutions. These solutions are meticulously crafted to align with the customer journey across various business lines, ensuring flexibility and effectiveness. Sharia-compliant features encompass Murabaha financing, diminishing Musharaka, Qard Hasan, Bai Al Salam, Istisna’a and parallel, and financing Ijara, Tawaruq, Itsisna’a and many other Islamic finance aspects. Islamic banks and financial institutions that have adopted Temenos Transact include Al Rajhi Bank, the largest Islamic bank in Saudi Arabia, and Bank Islam Malaysia, one of the leading Islamic banks in Malaysia.

Craft Silicon_edited.jpg

Craft Silicon, a Kenyan software house, offers software solutions for Core Banking, Micro Finance, Switching, and Electronic Payments. The company serves over 200 finance institutions across more than 30 countries spanning four continents. Their software products are available in English, French, and Spanish, with international offices in Bangalore, India, catering to clients in the Asia APAC region.


The Islamic Banking solution offered by Craft Silicon enables and empowers Islamic banking with Sharia-compliant software that prioritizes ease of use and rich features. It encompasses various modules designed to facilitate simple and systematic workflows and delivers integration with Islamic banking products tailored for specific customers, provides regulations and policies governed by Shariah principles, and supports the AAIOFI standard of accounting.


Oracle FLEXCUBE powers accounts for 10% of the world's banked population and is utilized by over 600 financial institutions across 140 countries worldwide. This comprehensive, interoperable, and modular solution addresses core banking needs, empowers knowledge workers, and reduces time to market for new products. FLEXCUBE's front-to-back digital capabilities enable financial institutions to innovate and deliver next-generation digital customer experiences. With access to advanced automation tools leveraging Machine Learning, clients can gain better insights and improve straight-through processing. Oracle FLEXCUBE serves as an ideal solution to kickstart companies' digital transformation initiatives.


Oracle FLEXCUBE offers a wide array of Islamic banking products to meet diverse customer needs. It supports various Murabaha transaction types for both retail and corporate customers and facilitates comprehensive back-office processing for Islamic investments, including Usharakah, Musharakah, Diminishing Musharakah, and Mudarabah under equity-based financing. The system also supports both funds-based and pool-based approaches for Mudarabah transactions. Furthermore, Oracle FLEXCUBE handles the complete lifecycle processing for Ijarah financing transactions, covering asset acquisition payments, rental calculations, arrears processing, and asset sale at contract termination. It also supports Istisna and Salam under commodity financing, Sukuks or Islamic bonds, Tawarooq, Islamic overdraft, and other financing variants such as Qard-ul-Hassan, Wakalah, and AI-Rahnu. The system is designed to define and calculate Takaful or Islamic insurance products, supporting both construction and post-construction periods for construction finance products.


Mambu is a cloud-based platform that provides banking and finance services, enabling banks and institutions to swiftly establish various lending or deposit services. This software is utilized not only by banks but also by lenders, wealth companies, and retail businesses for rapid and secure digital financial product creation, leading to cost savings. Trusted by over 200 brands worldwide, including well-known international institutions like ABN AMRO and Santander, Mambu serves over 45 million people globally each month.

Mambu’s Islamic banking solutions’ features encompass Wadiah, Qard Hassan, Tawarruq, Mudarabah, Wakala and other Islamic finance aspects.


Founded in 1981, International Turnkey Systems Group K.S.C.C (ITS) is a premier provider of integrated information technology solutions and services, offering transformative solutions that drive organizational success.


Headquartered in Kuwait, ITS operates with research and development centers in Kuwait and Cairo, alongside eight offices and numerous partners across the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, and the Caribbean. With a diverse team of over 1,100 professionals, ITS caters to a wide range of clients globally, delivering cutting-edge, customized software and service solutions through its Global Delivery Center (GDC). Collaborating with industry leaders such as IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft, ITS ensures the delivery of world-class solutions to meet the evolving needs of its clients.


The ETHIX range by ITS represents the company's premier solution, offering a comprehensive suite of corporate and retail products and services tailored for Islamic finance and investment. This includes core banking, trade finance, branch automation, mobile wallet technology, dashboards, reports, and other innovative offerings. Built on robust technologies, the ETHIX range supports financial institutions in attaining operational excellence, accommodating growth, and achieving cost leadership in financial services.


ICS Financial Systems (ICSFS) is a provider of modern banking and financial technology powered by a very solid, agile, and digital banking platform. Its ICS BANK Software Suites are fully integrated financial software solutions covering the universal, retail, wholesale, corporate, commercial, Islamic, finance leasing, microfinance, and agency banking industries. 


ICS BANKS Islamic Banking is a comprehensive banking platform tailored specifically for Islamic financial institutions and covering various intellectual Islamic views in different regions and continents. The platform ensures compliance with Sharia principles in all banking operations and transactions and provides a suite of Sharia-compliant products and services, including Mudarabah, Musharakah, Murabaha, Ijarah, Sukuk, and Takaful (Islamic insurance). ICS BANKS Islamic Banking is used by numerous Islamic banks and financial institutions globally, with a strong presence in regions such as the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.


Codebase Technologies is a leading fintech rapidly advancing in the global market, focusing on open API banking solutions. Guided by a vision to innovate technology for a greater purpose, the company specializes in creating impactful digital financial experiences for conventional and Islamic banks, fintechs, neobanks, lenders, and startups. With a track record of launching numerous digital, challenger, and neobanks, as well as financial propositions, Codebase Technologies has made its mark across the UAE, Malaysia, Bahrain, the UK, and Africa.


Its Digibanc IslamicBanker stands as the globe's inaugural Sharia-compliant, certified digital core banking system for Islamic finance institutions. IslamicBanker equips financial institutions with modern, scalable, and sustainable Islamic financial technology, ensuring future-proofed operations by leveraging open technologies and robust, API-driven functionalities.


Based in Singapore, Azentio boasts a global presence, serving over 800 clients spanning across 48 countries. With a workforce exceeding 2,400 employees spread across nine countries, Azentio delivers mission-critical software solutions to banks, Islamic financial institutions, insurance companies, and brokers in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and India regions.


Azentio's iMAL Islamic Banking stands as the premier AAOIFI-certified software suite since 2008, offering comprehensive coverage of Islamic finance, investments, deposits, treasury, and capital markets. The company caters to various lines of businesses, including:

  • iMAL Islamic Core Banking is a real-time solution supporting retail, corporate, and investment banking, adhering to strict Sharia and AAOIFI requirements.

  • iMAL Islamic Financing streamlines the financing workflow from request to execution, settlement, and closure.

  • iMAL Islamic Treasury manages money market and forex transactions, including Murabaha, Mudaraba, Wakala, and Wa’ad.

  • iMAL Islamic Profit Calculation automates profit distribution while ensuring Sharia compliance.

  • iMAL Islamic Microfinance offers technology solutions for financing projects, training, education, and community banking.

  • iMAL Sukuk Management provides a complete solution for Sukuk management, from creation to expiry, including trading and profit accruals.


Finastra is an advanced core banking platform built on cloud infrastructure and powered by APIs. It offers a diverse range of solutions tailored for various types of banks, including retail, commercial, universal, community-based, and credit unions.


Banks are drawn to Finastra for three main reasons: its agility in responding swiftly to market changes, its cost-effectiveness, which alleviates financial burdens on institutions, and its seamless integration with leading products, ensuring compatibility. This connectivity facilitates smooth interaction between host and agent banks and corporate entities or SME clients seeking easy access to services like payments, forex transactions, and liquidity management.


What sets Finastra apart is its open and agile core, enabling long-term innovation while maintaining flexibility. The platform prioritizes user experience and empowers banks to create unique products tailored to consumer needs, positively impacting businesses.


Leads Corporation Limited has been the foremost information technology service provider in Bangladesh since 1992.  Engaged in the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of business application software, LeadSoft caters to both domestic and international markets. The company specialises in offering core banking solutions (BankUltimus) to the banking industry, catering to both local and global clientele. Beyond banking, Lead Corporation Limited extends its products, services, and solutions to non-banking financial companies, agent banking, capital markets, life insurance, and enterprise resource planning (ERP), among others.


Its Islamic Window solution provides functionality for banks to carry out Islamic banking activities for their clients. It includes a comprehensive reporting system with a Sharia-based functional module.


Finacle is a leading provider of banking software solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of products tailored to the needs of financial institutions worldwide. With over three decades of experience, Finacle serves over 1,000 financial institutions across 94 countries, empowering them to drive digital transformation, enhance customer experiences, and achieve operational excellence. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, Finacle remains at the forefront of the global banking software industry.


Finacle Islamic banking offers robust features supporting Islamic accounting with traceability, boasting a self-contained accounting backbone that facilitates straight-through processing (STP) capabilities and addresses both international and region-specific banking needs. Certified compliant by Al Futooh Consultancies with Shariah rules & AAOIFI standards, Finacle Islamic banking enables banks to define and offer a range of asset products while efficiently managing funds through Mudarabah Pool Management. Additionally, it supports the Hijri Calendar, accommodating two main versions and adjusting the number of days per month, and seamlessly captures details of Salam and Parallel Salam agreements at the account level. With integrated lifecycle workflow and accounting entries, Finacle Islamic banking simplifies processes related to Ijarah and Forward Ijarah concepts, from asset procurement to the closure of financing accounts.

Nucleus software.png

Nucleus Software is a global provider of lending and transaction banking solutions, catering to the banking and financial services industry. With over 30 years of experience, the company has served over 150 customers in more than 50 countries, including leading banks and financial institutions worldwide.


Nucleus Software's banking solution, FinnOne Neo, comprehensively supports the entire Islamic finance journey for various businesses, covering home, auto, personal, asset, goods and service finance, as well as Islamic credit cards. It facilitates onboarding, finance management, and collections seamlessly. The platform accommodates a range of contract types, including Mudarabah, Murabahah, Tawarruq, Musawamah, Musharakah, Ijarah, and Istisna, drawing on best practices gleaned from partnerships with leading Financial Institutions across core Islamic markets such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Malaysia, Jordan, and Egypt.


Path Solutions is a global provider of technology solutions, consulting, and outsourcing services, specializing in the Islamic finance industry, with headquarters in Kuwait and research centers in Lebanon and Egypt. Their product portfolio caters to various business segments, including Islamic commercial banking, investment banking, cryptocurrency banking, funds management, retail consumer financing, conventional investment services, and consumer financing. Offering Islamic IAS-compliant integrated solutions, the company serves Sharia-compliant institutions globally, focusing on comprehensive technology solutions tailored to the needs of banks and financial institutions, with iMAL as a flagship Islamic banking suite.  


With clients spanning from Malaysia to the UK, Path Solutions anticipates strong growth in Islamic finance sectors across Africa, Central Asia, and China, aiming to extend its reach to those markets in the future. Some of their clients include Arab Islamic Bank in Ramallah, Elaf Bank in Bahrain, Bank Islami in Pakistan, Syria International Islamic Bank, and Gulf Finance House in Bahrain.


INFOPRO is a Malasia-based company offering banking solutions. Its main product eICBA System provides transactions for customers enabling banks to deliver omnichannel experience across multiple touchpoints for conventional and digital banking. Additionally, the company provides project implementation, training, support, and banking and technical consulting services. The company started in 1987 and is trusted by over 100 financial institutions in 30 countries.


Its Islamic Banking is a fully Sharia-compliant system with solid fundamentals of Islamic principles and concepts. INFOPRO offers core banking solutions, user-friendly digital platforms, and thorough business analytics tools that integrate smoothly with other systems for a complete banking experience. With AI technology embedded, operations become more efficient, and financial institutions can monitor and predict trends effectively. This benefits end users by providing valuable insights to manage their finances more effectively.


Millennium Information Solution (MISL) is a prominent software company with twenty years of experience in the Islamic banking and finance sector. Led by a team of dedicated professionals in Information Technology and Islamic Finance, MISL is committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their flagship product, "ABABIL," specializes in Core Islamic Banking, adhering to Islamic Shariah and global regulations, with input from Shariah scholars and industry experts. Headquartered in Bangladesh, MISL also operates through partner companies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Senegal, and Ivory Coast.


ABABIL stands out for its Shariah-based business logic, developed with input from Sharia scholars and banking professionals, and designed in strict accordance with AAOIFI guidelines. Recognized among the top ten global Islamic Banking Solution providers by Gartner Inc., USA, MISL serves prestigious financial institutions in South Asia and beyond. In addition to its core Islamic banking solution, Millennium has introduced several sub-modules, including Islamic Trade Finance, Internet Banking, Sukuk Management, Offshore Banking, Agent Banking, Islamic Treasury Management, Finance Origination System, Mobile Banking, and more.


BML Istisharat SAL is a renowned global financial software provider, serving the financial industry for over four decades. Established in Beirut, Lebanon in 1972, BML Istisharat has garnered achievements, international recognition, and successful implementations in over 35 countries across North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South East Asia, ensuring customer satisfaction.


BML Istisharat’s Islamic Integrated Computerized Banking System (ICBS) is a complete universal banking system crafted to oversee the front and back-office operations of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions. Aligned with Shariah principles, the system adheres to permissible trading, partnership, and profit-sharing techniques in financing and investments.


ICBS Islamic follows Islamic Accounting (AAOIFI) and International Accounting (IAS) standards, as well as SWIFT message formats while accommodating local specifications. Accessible on Oracle multitier web platforms, the system is available for on-premises deployment or via the cloud.

Kiya.png (InfrasoftTech) stands out as a digital solutions provider, serving financial institutions and governments worldwide. Leveraging extensive expertise in financial services, digital payments, governance, risk, and compliance solutions, along with market-ready processes, the company assist over 500 clients globally in their digital transformation endeavours, fostering sustainable value for the community through our operations in over 50 countries and a vast partner network.’s Islamic banking & finance solution operates on the principle of risk-based returns and effectively manages innovative and complex financial products using a profit & loss sharing model. Designed to facilitate businesses adhering to Islamic banking principles, our solution enables quick market entry through multiple delivery channels and implements ready-to-use, customizable business processes. With modular implementation options, enterprises can automate critical business units in stages, ensuring comprehensive coverage over time.

Islamic Banking Software Comparison 

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