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Top 20 Microfinance Software Solutions in 2024

The microfinance industry is undergoing transformation due to technological advancements, expanded services, increased emphasis on social impact and sustainability, and changing regulatory landscapes. Explore further insights into microfinance and discover top software solutions tailored to its changing needs.


Author: Alena Tomchuk

Last updated May 15



Microfinance plays a crucial role in connecting formal financial institutions with rural communities. Microfinance software offers intelligent banking features, allowing businesses to allocate resources elsewhere. The sector proves highly lucrative with Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) gaining access to financial resources and serving a vast unbanked population.

In recent years, microfinance software institutions have experienced remarkable growth, advancing financial inclusion efforts. These institutions are pivotal in alleviating cash shortages among low-income individuals in suburban and rural regions.

What is microfinance?

Microfinance software solutions

Microfinance encompasses a range of financial services tailored for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses without access to traditional banking. This lack of access is often linked to poverty and systemic inequality. Globally, more than 1.7 billion people, or over 31 percent of adults, are categorized as "unbanked," facing limited options for financial management.

The global microfinance market reached US$200 Billion in the year 2022 $178.84 billion in 2020 and is projected to hit US$506 Billion by 2030.

The surge in microfinance's popularity is credited to its flexibility, speed, and convenience. Borrowers can easily access MFI apps, submit necessary information, and apply for loans.

As per KPMG reports, MFI solutions have enabled the microfinance market to conduct more transactions at a lower cost, offering numerous benefits for both lenders and borrowers.

Microfinance encompasses various services such as savings and checking accounts, fund transfers, microinsurance, and microcredit, aimed at empowering individuals and entrepreneurs in underserved communities.

Originally focused on microcredit, microfinance provides small loans to individuals without a steady income or credit history, aiming to kickstart entrepreneurship and support small business initiatives.

The overarching goal of microfinance is to foster economic development, reduce unemployment, and bolster small businesses, ultimately promoting self-sustainability in impoverished areas.

Furthermore, microfinance institutions often offer financial and business education to equip clients with the necessary skills to start and manage successful enterprises.

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Top 20 microfinance software solutions in 2024

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Velmie offers composable, API-first lending software that unlocks innovation by powering origination, servicing, and payments for different types of loans. With a proven track record of serving over 20 million active customers and boasting a 99.9% service availability, we have extensive experience in launching digital banks, mobile wallets, and lending and payment solutions across Africa, Asia, and the MENA region.

Our loan management software delivers a seamless lending experience for consumers. It offers intuitive workflows, enhanced customer onboarding, greater transparency, and streamlined back-office operations. 

The software reduces human error and eliminates paperwork while minimizing risks and operational costs through advanced automation and payment management. This includes loan processing, servicing, reporting, KYC, AML, and more. Our APIs, configurations, and modular architecture allow businesses to free up time and focus on new opportunities and create unique solutions.

​Our platform offers key features:

  • Workflow automation

  • Online loan application

  • Risk scoring

  • Collections

  • Compliance management

  • Document management

Top microfinance software: HesFinTech

HES FinTech is a leading provider of advanced lending software solutions, headquartered in London, United Kingdom. They offer a range of products tailored to a diverse range of financial institutions, from small microfinance organizations to large multinational banks, including banks, credit unions, consumer finance companies, and microfinance institutions. The company has established a strong presence in the global lending software market, serving clients across various regions, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. HES FinTech prides itself on its commitment to innovation and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive digital transformation in the lending sector. They continuously invest in research and development to enhance their products and stay ahead of market trends.

HES FinTech's software platform revolutionizes and accelerates operational workflows across the entire lending journey, spanning from application submission to debt recovery. Featuring a flexible modular architecture, the platform offers scalability and continuous evolution. Its versatile capabilities cater to a wide array of business needs, making it ideal for crafting solutions tailored to diverse credit institutions. With an intuitive administrative interface, credit institutions gain autonomy in configuring numerous settings, eliminating the necessity for constant reliance on HES FinTech for minor adjustments.

HES FinTech's microfinance lending solution includes features such as:

  • Online loan origination

  • Asset management

  • Automated document flow

  • AI-powered application scoring

  • Customisable calculations

TOP microfinance software: Finastra

Finastra is a leading-edge core banking platform operating in the cloud and driven by APIs, offering tailored solutions for various types of banks, including retail, commercial, universal, community-based, and credit unions. Banks are drawn to Finastra for its agility in responding to market changes, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration with top-tier products, facilitating connectivity between host and agent banks, corporate entities, and SME clients seeking streamlined access to payments, forex transactions, and liquidity management.

Among its suite of offerings, Finastra provides lending solutions tailored to the needs of financial institutions operating in various sectors, including syndicated, commercial, consumer and mortgage lending. While Finastra offers a broad portfolio of lending solutions, its offerings typically include the following features:

  • Loan origination

  • Credit risk assessment

  • Loan management

  • Integration and customization

  • Analytics and reporting

Top microfinance software: TurnKey Lender

TurnKey Lender is a comprehensive lending automation platform designed to streamline various lending processes.

Utilizing its proprietary AI technology for credit scoring, Turnkey Lender caters to a diverse clientele, including non-bank entities, embedded lenders, and traditional financial institutions.

This flexible loan management software is adept at meeting the unique requirements of different lending institutions.

Turnkey Lender employs its own AI to enhance credit scoring accuracy and optimize loan recovery and overall lending outcomes. By analyzing consumer data, identifying behavioural patterns, and conducting risk assessments, the AI plays a pivotal role in credit decision-making and risk analysis.

Turnkey Lender caters to a wide spectrum of lenders, offering a versatile platform that automates loan origination, underwriting, servicing, debt collection, and reporting. Its adaptability aligns well with the diverse needs of today's lending landscape.


  • AI-powered credit scoring

  • Machine learning integration

  • Versatility

  • Comprehensive features

Top 20 microfinance software Craft Silicon

Craft Silicon is a technology company based in Nairobi, Kenya, and has a global presence with operations in multiple countries, including India and the United Arab Emirates. Craft Silicon offers a wide range of software solutions for financial institutions, mobile network operators, and other businesses, including core banking systems, mobile banking solutions, digital payments, and agency banking solutions.

Craft Silicon has a strong presence in emerging markets, particularly in Africa and Asia and its solutions have played a significant role in advancing financial inclusion by providing access to banking services for unbanked and underserved populations through digital channels.

Craft Silicon's microfinance lending software includes features such as:

  • Loan origination

  • Portfolio management

  • Risk management

  • Client relationship management

Top 20 microfinance software CloudBankin

CloudBankin has been tailor-made to seamlessly integrate with microfinance institutions of all sizes. Featuring a user-friendly interface, guided workflows, and advanced reporting tools, it simplifies operations to meet the intricate needs of microfinance organizations. By streamlining loan processes and ensuring accurate data capture, CloudBankin significantly enhances operational efficiency.

As a robust lending solution, CloudBankin is designed for efficient loan processing and in-depth data analysis. Its structured analysis protocols automate the loan lifecycle and provide timely analytical insights. Leveraging cloud-based technology, CloudBankin optimizes accessibility and storage capacity through advanced data compression techniques. With user-controlled permissions, secure data storage, and comprehensive reporting capabilities, CloudBankin offers a complete solution for managing loans and financial operations.

CloudBanki’s lending software includes features such as:

  • Loan origination system

  • Loan management system

  • Accounting management

  • Reports and dashboard

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Top 20 microfinance software: LoanPro

LoanPro presents itself as an API-based lending solution renowned for its scalability, user-friendliness, and seamless integration capabilities.

LoanPro's primary objective is to optimize lending operations and enhance efficiency across various industries and lending institutions. Standing out for its adaptability, LoanPro empowers lenders to customize the platform according to their specific requirements. It offers robust automation, configurable lending workflows, and comprehensive data insights and analytics, catering to banks, fintech firms, B2B entities, traditional lenders, and online platforms alike.

Leveraging its API-based architecture, LoanPro efficiently handles data tasks such as creation, updating, deletion, and retrieval. This facilitates seamless integration with other systems, streamlining lending workflows and enabling real-time information access for enhanced customer experiences.

LoanPro further enhances operational efficiency with dedicated suites for servicing, payments, collections, and customer relationship management. Its ability to categorize loans by status, sub-status, and portfolio adds another layer of efficiency to loan management processes.

  • Scalability and flexibility

  • Integration capabilities

  • Operational efficiency

  • Servicing suites and enhancements

Top 20 microfinance software: Vexil Infotech

Vexil Infotech stands at the forefront as a premier developer of software solutions tailored for Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), and various entities within the finance sector. The company provides microfinance banking software in India.

Their flagship product, IMS (Integrated Microfinance Solutions), is tailored specifically to address the unique challenges encountered by microfinance institutions. Featuring a user-friendly interface and intuitive functionalities, IMS empowers institutions to efficiently manage microcredit activities, including loan disbursements, repayments, and collections. The software's modules facilitate seamless tracking of borrower information, calculation of interest rates, and generation of insightful reports to monitor portfolio performance.

Leveraging its API-based architecture, LoanPro efficiently handles data tasks such as creation, updating, deletion, and retrieval. This facilitates seamless integration with other systems, streamlining lending workflows and enabling real-time information access for enhanced customer experiences.

Moreover, Vexil's microfinance loan management software (IMS) offers robust tools to manage various facets of the loan portfolio comprehensively. From risk assessment and collateral management to credit scoring, the software ensures efficient loan processing while mitigating potential risks associated with lending activities.

  • Auto CRIF credit 

  • Biometric registration

  • Geo-tagging

  • Housing index score check

  • Multiple API integration

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Top 20 microfinance software: Panamax

Panamax Inc. is a leading provider of fintech solutions, specializing in mobile financial services, telecommunications, and digital banking. Established in 2001, Panamax has emerged as a global player in the industry, serving clients across more than 60 countries.

Panamax's Microcredit solution revolutionizes the delivery of financial services such as loans and savings at micro or small-scale levels to individuals or groups with limited income, fostering financial inclusion. This comprehensive enterprise solution empowers lenders to extend credit to underbanked, unbanked, and small businesses through cutting-edge technologies such as online lending, blockchain, social network scoring, and mobile data analytics.

The microfinance management software is designed to seamlessly integrate third-party content and is fortified with APIs and development tools for deploying a myriad of value-added services. With a focus on fine-tuning existing processes and workflows, our solution is engineered to adapt to evolving business needs while effortlessly incorporating new products and business models.

Key Features:

  • High-quality architecture

  • Security

  • GUI-based solution

  • Interest calculation and repayment schedule management

  • Integration capabilities

  • Equipped with APIs and development tool

Top 20 microfinance software: ABLE Platform

ABLE Platform's microloan software is a lending solution for small businesses and individuals seeking a fast and reliable start designed to automate the entire lending process.

With ABLE Platform's microloan software, businesses and individuals can swiftly score and decide on loan applications. Specifically tailored to address the unique requirements of micro-lending, our software offers flexibility and scalability to adapt to the evolving needs of your business.

Main features of the platform include:

  • Landing page

  • Borrower portal

  • Back office

  • Credit scoring and decisioning

Top 20 microfinance software: Fiserv

Fiserv is a versatile core banking platform widely embraced by numerous financial institutions for its comprehensive coverage of tasks such as customer onboarding, transaction management, and data tracking. Banks favour Fiserv for its seamless integration with top-performing market products, cost-effectiveness, and rapid response capabilities. Its standout features include a commitment to innovation, ensuring future adaptability, and a focus on delivering consistent user experiences across all channels.

For over 25 years, Fiserv has been a leader in origination systems, providing solutions that streamline mortgage, home equity, consumer, and business loan processes. From point-of-sale to secondary marketing, its systems offer efficiency and consistency across all phases of origination.

Their solutions cover a wide range of functions, including document tracking, automated underwriting, processing, closing, and electronic document transmission. Whether it's mortgages, home equity loans, or consumer loans, our technology enables origination across multiple verticals and channels with speed and efficiency.

Key features of Fiserv’s lending solutions include:

  • Comprehensive origination support

  • Automated workflows

  • Integration capabilities

  • Paper-free processing

  • Scalability and flexibility

Top 20 microfinance software: Scoreme

ScoreMe Solutions India Private Limited specializes in providing paperless credit and analytics solutions for financial institutions. Their mission is to simplify the processing of unstructured data in various formats, enabling institutional clients to reduce risk, enhance operational efficiency, and improve transparency in lending decisions.

Through their proprietary fintech platforms, Scoreme Solutions empowers financial institutions to process unstructured data from bank statements, financial reports, income tax returns, GST returns, legal documents, and more. Additionally, their platforms offer capabilities for performing KYC checks, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Whether clients are banks, NBFCs, fintech lenders, or aggregators, Scoreme Solutions can assist in developing standardized or customized analytics tailored to their specific needs. Their solutions enable deeper insights into borrower profiles, helping clients make more informed lending decisions.

Key features of ScoreMe’s lending platform include:

  • Seamless onboarding

  • Data validation

  • Business rules engine

  • API-based functions

  • Comprehensive analysis

  • Application management

  • Document generation

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Top 20 microfinance software: Nelito

Nelito's FinCraft core integrated lending management solution for microfinance automates business processes on a scalable platform, optimizing growth potential with reduced investments. This solution enhances customer reach securely, tracks profitability, and ensures compliance and reporting.

Derived from Nelito's successful FinCraft CBS, this solution is built on the latest technology framework, including an android-based mobility solution tailored for microfinance operations. Designed for ease of use in microfinance environments, it offers modular and customizable features for streamlined operations and automation.

Fincraft core microfinance solution accelerates loan processing and integrates with insurance and credit bureau rating solutions for enhanced decision-making.

Key features of Nelito's FinCraft include:

  • Compliance

  • Regulatory reporting and MIS reporting

  • Improved straight-through processing

  • Compatibility for multiple partners

  • Mobile banking

Top 20 microfinance software: CoBIS

CoBIS microfinance software is a comprehensive banking industry solution tailored to meet the needs of agencies and enterprises. Designed as a web application, the software offers end-to-end solutions, including ATM management, risk management, online banking, multi-branch, and private banking, all in one convenient platform.

CoBIS provides a full range of products tailored for banking institutions, lending firms, village banks, microfinance institutions, cooperatives & SACCOs. They empower businesses to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and swiftly launch new products & services with their cloud banking system, utilized by financial organizations globally.

Key features include:

  • Customer management

  • Client savings module

  • Dividends processing

  • Term deposits Module

  • Automated loans recovery

  • Complete GL Accounting

  • SMS Banking

  • Security

Top 20 microfinance software: NucleusSoftware

Nucleus Software is a software product company renowned for providing lending and transaction banking solutions to global financial institutions. With a presence in over 50 countries, Nucleus Software supports retail and corporate lending, cash management, and mobile and internet banking for more than 200 Financial Institutions. Their products facilitate over 26 million transactions daily, managing a loan portfolio exceeding US $500 billion and serving over 500,000 daily users.

Nucleus Software's FinnOne Neo is a comprehensive loan management system designed to meet the diverse needs of financial institutions.

Here are some key features of FinnOne Neo for retail lending:

  • Customer acquisition

  • Loan management

  • Collections management

  • Enterprise content management

  • Scalable collateral management

  • Mobile and channel modules

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Top 20 microfinance software: ERI

ERI is an esteemed international firm specializing in the creation, deployment, distribution, and maintenance of the OLYMPIC Banking System. This integrated core banking and wealth management software is renowned for its real-time capabilities. With a presence in major financial hubs such as Geneva, Zurich, Lugano, London, Luxembourg, Singapore, and Paris, ERI ensures comprehensive, top-tier software solutions. Backed by a proficient implementation team and efficient global support, ERI delivers high-quality services. Over 400 banks and financial institutions across 60+ countries have already opted for the OLYMPIC Banking System, testament to its reliability and efficacy.

Key features of OLYMPIC Banking System loan management software:

  • Integrated loan management 

  • Document workflow

  • Versatile loan support

  • Risk management

  • Fee calculation

  • Collateral management

Top 20 microfinance software: Awamo

Awamo 360 is a mobile microfinance management platform designed for microfinance institutions (MFIs), Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs), and Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs). It offers affordability, ease of use, and cloud-based accessibility, eliminating the need for maintenance and ensuring automatic updates. Tailored to the specific needs of mid-size MFIs, SACCOs, and VSLAs, awamo 360 features reliable biometric authentication and is fully optimized for mobile use. It digitizes all aspects of credit, risk, and portfolio management, allowing users to run their MFI entirely from their mobile devices at a fraction of the cost of traditional software solutions.

Pennant Technologies’ Lending Factory is a cutting-edge lending platform designed to streamline and manage your entire lending portfolio seamlessly. With our platform, you can 

Key features of Awamo 360:

  • Biometric security

  • Client & group management

  • Loans

  • Reporting

  • Location data

  • Action alerts

  • Users & permissions

  • Data import and export

Top 20 microfinance software: Pennant

Pennant Technologies is a dynamic and forward-thinking financial technology company specializing in empowering the lending operations of global banks and financial institutions. Their suite of cutting-edge lending products and solutions equips banks with adaptable features and scalable capabilities, enabling them to provide unique loan origination, servicing, and collections experiences for their customers. Trusted by top banks and financial institutions across Asia, Pennant's award-winning lending platform has successfully managed over 14 million loans and facilitates 100 million loan transactions annually.

By providing suitable digital solutions for low-income borrowers, awamo 360 enables MFIs to capture borrower data, monitor operations in real-time, and generate credit reports. This significantly reduces transaction costs, default risks, and interest rates, thereby fueling sustainable local economies and promoting financial inclusion.

Key features of Awamo 360:

  • Loan origination

  • Loan management

  • Collections

  • Integrated digital solutions

Top 20 microfinance software: Software Group

Software Group is a global technology company that operates in more than 70 countries worldwide, serving over 100 clients, including financial institutions, microfinance institutions, and development organizations. The company offers a variety of software products and services designed to help organizations streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and reach underserved communities.

The company offers innovative digital banking solutions that enable financial institutions to provide a wide range of banking services through digital channels such as mobile banking and online banking. Software Group provides digitalization solutions for microfinance for remote customer onboarding, account opening, loan origination, group lending, savings and more.

Key features of Software Group’s digitalization solutions for microfinance:

  • Onboarding & application forms

  • Smooth integration via APIs

  • Task & performance tracking

  • Credit scoring & analytics

  • Customizable workflows

  • Centralized management across multiple countries and tenants

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Top 20 microfinance software: Mfsys

MFSYS specializes in advanced microfinance and banking technology solutions, partnering with clients to foster opportunities and success for their target populations. With over a decade of experience, MFSYS has formed partnerships with leading microfinance institutions and banks worldwide, gaining deep insights into microfinance and banking operations.

Having deployed technology solutions across diverse environments and geographies, MFSYS possesses firsthand knowledge of the opportunities and challenges faced by the microfinance industry. The company's commitment is evident through successful implementations in over 12 countries globally.

MFSYS's dedication is further demonstrated by successful implementations in challenging environments, including Afghanistan, Syria, and West Africa.

With its advanced technology and comprehensive functionality, the Core Microfinance Banking solution provides microfinance institutions with a competitive edge. This solution offers a unique value proposition for your customers by supporting a wide range of products and services.

The solution include the following features:

  • Current and savings accounts

  • Deposits

  • Loans

  • Credits

  • Collections

  • Fund transfers

  • Remittances

  • Standing Instructions

  • Payments

  • Reports

Top 20 microfinance software: Newgen

Newgen is a global provider of digital transformation solutions, offering cutting-edge technology to streamline business processes and enhance customer experiences. With over two decades of experience, Newgen has established itself as a leader in the industry, serving clients across various sectors, including banking, financial services, insurance, government, and healthcare.

Newgen loan origination system ensures a customer experience-oriented approach, simplifying loan disbursement for various loan types, including credit cards and personal loans, without the need for manual intervention. Additionally, for high-touch loans such as HELOC and home equity loans, institutions can leverage digital collaboration to achieve faster turnaround times.

Key features of the system include:

  • Streamlined loan processes

  • Omni-channel loan application

  • Smart underwriting and customizable rules

  • Risk management and reporting

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Top 20 microfinance software solutions comparison table


Microfinance platforms can significantly enhance your company's performance by providing accurate borrower scoring, customizable parameters, flexibility, enhanced cybersecurity, and an improved borrower experience. However, developing MFI lending software demands specific industry knowledge and technical expertise.

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What is Microfinance?
Top 20 microfinance software solutions comparison table
Top 20 Microfinance Software Solutions 2024
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