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Composable Banking Technology

Modular banking software for perfectly crafted and future-proof solutions.

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Velmie provides not only a digital banking software platform but a comprehensive technology infrastructure that combines advanced solutions with top-notch services. The modular architecture and fully fledged banking core allow building financial products such as neobanks, wallets, payments, wealth management and more. Our partner ecosystem provides payments and compliance coverage in such regions as North America, MENA, LATAM, EU and UK.

Digital Banking

A software platform for banks built with cutting-edge technology and service-oriented architecture for best-in-class scalability,  performance, and regulatory compliance.

Mobile Wallets

White-label technology for mobile wallet products with prebuilt back end, modern front end applications and a variety of extensions.


Over 127 countries and 75+ currencies are available for exchange and international payments within our platform for retail and business transactions.

Digital Currencies

Back end infrastructure and white-label front end solutions for crypto banking, exchange and wallets. Modular setup for great number configurations and use-cases for cryptocurrencies, NFTs and tokens.


Banking Core

Cloud-native digital banking core system.



Payment processing, card issuing and other companies from around the world. 



White-label applications for iOS, Android and Web.



Uniquely configured and customized for your business.



Current, savings, credit and multiple other supported account types for banks, payment institutions, mobile wallets and wealth management companies.


Issue branded debit cards worldwide with our network of BIN-sponsors and card issuing partners.

Currency exchange

Multi-currency accounts and exchange system supporting fiat and digital currencies. Our pre-integrated service providers allow global payments and Fx across 150+ countries.

Digital onboarding

​​Fully configurable tiered KYC system supporting multiple countries and account limits to comply to local regulatory requirements. Choose one of the several options for KYC, KYB and AML automation available within the platform or provided by our integration partners.

Reporting and compliance

Advanced system to configure the reports of transactions, settlements, interests, revenues and more.

Payments & Transfers

QR payments, mPOS, invoicing, P2P transfers and payment links available as payment options for domestic and international transfers.

User management

Supported business and retail customers with RBAC system for staff users and administrators. Configurable roles and workflows to perfectly fit business types and operational procedures. 

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Fintech Market Forecast 2023

What's inside:

  • Main Fintech trends and fastest growing sectors in 2023

  • Adoption of emerging technology

  • Appealing regions

  • Fintech companies' main challenges

  • Main customer needs in 2023


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