Payments Platform

White-Label Mobile Wallet Solution


Fully customizable interface

Open Banking Integrations

2-Factor Authorization

PIN Code Auth for extra security

Identity verification for KYC/AML compliance

Multi-currency support

Private blockchain for real-time secure transactions

NFC and QR payments

P2P Money transfers

Credit card integrations


Use Cases  

Banking & Payment applications

Loans and Microfinance applications

Company payroll solutions

Ecommerce payments & loyalty applications

Cryptocurrency trading

Brokerage platforms

Personal finance tools

Clients & partners


Mobile eWallet powered by Blockchain

Velmie helped Vivexpay to build a mobile wallet for digital asset management, one of the most advanced on the market. It comes with multi-currency support including cryptocurrencies; biometric and 2FA authentication; instant payments and p2p money transfers; cryptocurrency exchange engine; branded payment cards and more. App Store, GooglePlay 

Services & solutions

FinTech Platforms Development

We deliver cutting-edge technology in finance and help to implement advanced back end, mobile and AI FinTech solutions.

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Blockchain Solutions

We help to introduce the most disruptive value exchange technology 

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Core Banking Solutions

Get advantages of the extensive knowledge and experience 


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Artificial Intelligence

Behavioral biometrics, personalization and conversational user interface  are the things your customers already need

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Cloud & DevOps

As a certified Amazon AWS partner we handle the cloud migration, maintenance and compliance for the financial products

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Market Insights

«The team’s quick work and high-quality output resulted in an extended partnership beyond the initial delivery. Resource allocation, planning, and communication are notable strengths.»


Using Mobile Wallets as a Company 

Payroll Solutions

Mobile digital wallets are revolutionizing the financial services industry and offering far more potential than just making and receiving digital payments. We explore one exciting area of development: branded mobile wallets as a payroll solution.

From The Blog

The Practical Blockchain

«Blockchain» has become one of the most hyped technologies since the internet. It is also one of the most poorly understood. A recent HSBC global survey found that 80% of those who have heard of «Blockchain» said they don’t understand it. This state of affairs exists despite the fact that significant effort has been made to explain blockchain technology to non-technical audiences through the mainstream media, industry reports, academic and online courses, and other channels.






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