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Velmie Partners with Enfuce to Provide Card Issuing Service

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Cards remain the biggest payment channel across the globe offering a variety of programs and additional services for both consumers and merchants. However, the process of starting a card program often comes with certain pitfalls such as missing front-end apps, API middleware, or customization services. Velmie partnered with Enfuce to bring next-level card solutions to the market!

Enfuce is a card issuing company providing advanced card solutions in Europe and scaling globally. As of 2022, there were 16+ million active card users on its platform. The company offers payment, open banking and sustainability services for banks, fintech companies, financial operators, and merchants.

Velmie combined its efforts and expertise with Enfuce to meet the market’s needs and provide a scalable, future-proof, secure, and compliant card solution, which offers tools to set up and manage the card programs, run advanced analytics reports and get access to real-time data on how their card product is being used. Velmie provides an API middleware layer, white-label front-end apps, and technology, allowing to extend of the card-issuing platform with more API connections and the use of local vendors for different markets.

The company also leverages modern tech as Golang together with microservices to create industry-leading card-related offerings that are highly scalable and flexible to adapt to new and changing customer needs.

“Mobile apps are today seen as a mandatory part of any card product. We don’t want it to be a constraining factor for our customers. Instead, we help them with our development. MyApp supports our customers when they want to test their new products on the market with the features and branding they choose,”Matti Rusila, Director of Product at Enfuce.


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