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Fintech Market Trends 2024

Get actionable insights from industry experts.


The financial services industry is dealing with various challenges like the threat of a recession, cyber attacks, strict regulations, geopolitical instability, and political interventions. As customers now demand only convenient and personalized digital experiences, the financial services landscape is swiftly evolving, and some organizations need help to keep up. 


At Velmie we handle annual market research to be on track with trends and opportunities. The report brings together market research and expert views from the Fintech world to share knowledge and provide inspiration on key technology topics that are set to impact financial services in 2024 and beyond. It is based on the statistical results of our annual survey and interviews with industry experts.

The report is designed to assist executives of financial institutions, founders of fintech startups, fintech consultants and anyone responsible for growing a fintech business.

This free whitepaper explores:

  • Fintech landscape overview

  • Main Fintech trends and fastest growing sectors in 2024

  • The impact of artificial intelligence on Fintech

  • Open banking: trends, challenges, and the path forward in 2024

  • The promising potential of cryptocurrencies

  • The role of data privacy and regulatory compliance

  • How personalization is reshaping the Fintech experience


Enhance your understanding of the Fintech landscape for 2024. Download the whitepaper for free and join a community of Fintech forward thinkers.

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About Velmie

At Velmie, we stand as pioneers in the finance industry, offering a sophisticated banking software platform that integrates the latest technological advancements. With a keen understanding of the industry's landscape, we've developed a platform that expedites the establishment of fintech products far more efficiently compared to alternative options.

Our global outreach enables us to serve clients worldwide, excelling particularly in card issuing, account opening, and payment services. Through our platform, built on modern technology, we assist startups and established institutions alike in swiftly

navigating the complexities of financial technology.

Join us in spearheading the future of finance through our innovative solutions and extensive expertise in the field.

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