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Enfuce: Modern Card Issuing

End-to-end solution for a leading B2B card issuing company.


Cards remain the biggest payment channel with about 1 billion
daily transactions worldwide. While being a mature industry, there
is still a lot of room for tech innovation and new offerings. But
starting an innovative FinTech business always requires a strong
tech foundation to build on top of it, this is how our partnership
with Enfuce began.

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Enfuce is a card issuing company from Finland with offices in Germany, Latvia, Sweden and the UK. As of 2022, there were 16+
million active card users on its platform. The company offers payment, open banking and sustainability services for banks, fintech companies, financial operators and merchants.

Velmie helped to expand the tech infrastructure and build new products for existing and potential customers to manage back-
office transactions and test new ideas for their card product offerings. The ultimate goal was to provide Enfuce customers with an
all-in-one solution to launch and manage card products.

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Enfuce MyApp is a CaaS (Cards-as-a-Service) that was delivered by Velmie on top of our digital banking platform. It is a self-service solution for new and existing Enfuce clients, offering tools to set up and manage the card programs, run advanced analytics reports and get access to real-time data on how their card product is being used.

The advantage of a white-label app is that it saves time and money for starting a card program. MyApp is developed, released, and maintained by Velmie and Enfuce which means that no resources are required from the customer to either build or keep the app up-to-date and secure. The business can focus on its payment product and let Velmie help to launch the app in as fast as eight weeks.

Being a white-label app means that MyApp is easily rebranded with logos, colors, and fonts. The business can also select the languages and features they want for its customers

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Mobile apps are today seen as a mandatory part of any card product. We don’t want it to be a constraining factor
for our customers. Instead, we help them with our development. MyApp supports our customers when they want to
test their new products on the market with the features and branding they choose.

Matti Rusila,

Director of Product at Enfuce


 Two-factor authentication

 Biometric or passcode authentication

 View PAN (Full Card Number) & View PIN

 Transaction history and details

 Temporary block and unblock the card

 Push notification per transaction

 Add to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay

 and more

 Manage limits and region blocking on the card

Looking to start using AI tools at your company?

Reach out to us to see how Velmie can help with AI implementation for banks and fintechs.

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