White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

A market-ready solution for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency exchange. 

white label crypto exchange platform

Building a mobile bank for international remittance, bill payments and p2p transfers. Web interface and wallet apps for iOS and Android powered by Velmie digital banking platform.

Product overview

Nowadays, blockchain technology allows for tokenization of nearly everything we own, making it a digital asset. The items that were once non-liquid can now be traded between anyone and anywhere. Every single currency and asset (including stocks, bonds, capital funds, metals, commodities) has the potential for tokenization. Therefore, the term digital asset will continue to encompass a growing number of items, fundamentally changing the way people interact with money, trade on markets, and invest. Cryptocurrencies are predicted to disrupt many industries, in particular the financial industry, and those financial companies who are not prepared, risk being left behind. This tendency induces the growing necessity for the technology-driven solutions capable of supporting the trading operations with a variety of tokenized assets.

Addressing the financial industry emerging tendencies, Velmie comes with its Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Platform - a fully customizable, liquidity-ready solution, that provides enterprises with the capability to quickly start or substantially level-up their crypto exchange business. By providing companies with a White-Label Platform, our mission is to deliver a cost-effective solution to enable fintech organizations to focus on their business and customers and help them to rapidly scale up utilizing cutting-edge technology.

The solution offers

Modular Architecture

The platform utilizes microservices-based, modular architecture that makes it possible to smoothly add new workflows, features and integrations, thereby allowing companies to rapidly grow and innovate.

Enterprise-Grade Back End Platform

Powered by a core banking system, the solution was designed to effectively support all the aspects of digital asset trading and to build advanced FinTech products.

Crypto Wallet

Supports over 150 fiat and cryptocurrencies, which can be seamlessly converted into any fiat currency for instant purchases. The wallet also supports NFC, QR codes and biometric authorization to initiate the payments.

Custody Solution

Provides platform users with institutional-grade security for their cryptocurrency assets and keys. Velmie offers several options to manage the crypto assets in hot and cold wallets depending on customer needs.

Crypto Payments

With our software solution is it possible to implement crypto payments products dealing with white-label debit cards, online e-commerce payments, POS solutions and more. 

Robust Security

White-label crypto exchange software is equipped with multi-layered security features such as data encryption, 2FA, cold storage, biometric authentication, multi-signature wallets, access management, action logging, and many more.


The core feature of the system applies to the architecture level. Being modular and microservices-based, our platform can be preciously fine-tuned to address each company specific requirements.

crypto exchange software

Multi-asset exchange. Allow buying, selling and converting digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, security tokens, commodities and other tokenized assets.

Investment platform. Enable platform users to safely and strategically invest in digital assets and financial markets.

Crypto payments. Allow payments with cryptocurrencies for products and services in the real world as well as peer-to-peer payments.

Custody & Clearing solutions. Ensure smooth and successful trading operations and provide platform users with secure storage for their digital assets and keys.

Liquidity solution. Offer trading services for a wide variety of securities and other digital assets due to integration with major exchanges and liquidity providers.

Product Features

  • Core banking system as a back-office solution

  • Cryptocurrency exchange platform

  • Payment gateway and crypto payments

  • Mobile wallet

  • Custody solution

  • Multiple currencies support

  • Fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat transactions support

  • Multi-currency accounts

  • Real-time transfer & exchange of fiat сurrencies

  • Exchange rates management

  • Transaction fees management

  • Integrated liquidity providers

  • Multi-signature wallets

  • Identity verification for KYC/AML compliance

  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations (PCI, PSD2, GDPR, CCPA and more)

  • Extended APIs

  • Intuitive admin backend panel

  • Risk management capabilities

  • P2P transfers

  • Open banking Integrations

  • Credit card integrations

Platform & Security Features

  • Flexibly customizable according to customer requirements

  • Advanced security with encryption, 2FA, cold storage, and access management

  • Accounts & payment cards management

  • User management

  • Transactions requests management

  • Registration requests management

  • Live chat & customers support

  • Reports & Audit trail

  • Biometric authentication


Velmie delivered a reliable trading solution with radically enhanced cryptocurrencies exchange logic, to support high exchanging volumes and a wide range of digital assets.


Velmie built an all-in-one solution, which harmoniously aggregated crypto exchange, payment platform, operating own digital assets and integration with external platforms.


The platform we developed provides an API service to financial institutions around the world to enable smooth cryptocurrency trading across major exchanges.

Velmie is a financial technology provider that has been on the market for more than 10 years, building back end, mobile and web solutions for financial institutions and entrepreneurs across the globe. Being one of the first to introduce enterprise blockchain technology in the financial services industry, Velmie has obtained strong expertise in delivering cryptocurrency exchange and payment solutions to its clients. Among our recent projects are: nationwide payment system in North Africa, clearance & custody solution for banks, cryptocurrency trading solutions, and crypto payment gateways for European and Asian providers.


1. What is cryptocurrency exchange software?

Cryptocurrency exchange software is a software solution for buying and selling of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and other assets. Such systems have market liquidity and are equipped with a set of tools aiming to make the exchange process convenient.

2. What is a white-label crypto exchange platform?

White label crypto exchange solutions - are ready-made software that is designed, developed, tested and already available for deployment. With this software, one just needs to make the preferred customizations and can get started with his own digital asset exchange business. Such platforms are secure, fast in deployment and cost-effective in comparison with built from scratch ones.

3. How many currencies does your cryptocurrency & digital asset trading platform support?

The platform supports over 150 currencies (including fiat) and digital assets, as well as the capability to create new ones.

4. What are the advantages of your exchange software platform?

The main benefits of Velmie white-label crypto exchange platform are the following:

  • A modular, highly scalable system;

  • Flexible customizability;

  • Cost-effective and quick in the deployment;

  • Low platform maintenance costs;

  • Strong multi-layered security;

  • Integration with liquidity providers and merchants;

  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations.

5. How to build a cryptocurrency exchange?

Starting your own cryptocurrency exchange business is a quite sophisticated process since it requires deep technical expertise in terms of solution architecture, standards compliance, industry demands foreseeing, and so on. Also, it may require considerable time and money investments. According to our research, developing a crypto exchange from scratch may take more than 9 months with the cost to build not less than $300,000. Not even speaking about additional expenses related to cost to own, further solution adjustments and scaling. Velmie, as a financial organizations’ partner, found a way to address these challenges by proposing its White Label Software - a ready-made cost-effective solution, flexibly customizable according to customer needs.

6. How long does it take to build a cryptocurrency & digital asset exchange solution?

The time to build a solution depends entirely upon the type of platform you need and your customization preferences. However, opting for ready-made, white label cryptocurrency exchange software will save much time compared to developing from scratch.

7. How much does it cost to deploy your white-label crypto exchange solution?

The cost to deploy Velmie white-label crypto exchange platform strongly depends upon your specific requirements, customization preferences, and the features that you decide to include. But, compared to developing from scratch, white label solutions are cost-effective.

8. Is it possible to add features of my choice? Do you handle customizations?

The modular architecture of our Software Platform makes it suitable for multiple types of businesses. The modules can be combined in a way to create a solution that perfectly fits your requirements. Moreover, we have enough capacity to handle all kinds of custom development for the platform additional functionalities as well as to provide long-term technical support.

9. Is KYC/AML verification necessary?

KYC/AML verification is a necessity for every blockchain crypto exchange, as it allows only authentic users into the exchange. KYC/AML ensures highly-secure, risk-free business transactions across the globe.

10. How can you ensure the security of your exchange software?

Our cryptocurrency exchange solution is fully compliant to PCI-DSS and PSD2 featuring SCA, multi-signature wallets, RBAC, Audit trail and more.

11. How will the platform perform if there are a large number of users?

Our white-label multi-asset exchange solution handles thousands of transactions simultaneously, smoothly supporting a vast number of users. Due to microservices-based architecture, the solution is highly scalable and capable of supporting company growth needs

12. How can I manage custody?

Our platform is pre-integrated with a custody solution, that provides users with institutional-grade security for their cryptocurrency assets and keys. Velmie offers several options to manage the crypto assets in hot and cold wallets. You can choose an appropriate for your business needs option after a discussion with our team.

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