The Practical Use of Blockchain 

Successful projects, real-world use cases and business insights disclosed.

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"Blockchain" has become one of the most hyped technologies since the Internet. It is also one of the most poorly understood. A recent HSBC global survey found that 80% of those who have heard of "Blockchain" said they don’t understand it. This state of affairs exists despite the fact that significant effort has been made to explain blockchain technology to non-technical audiences through the mainstream media, industry reports, academic and online courses, and other channels.


This study explains all the advantages and disadvantages of Blockchain and the Distributed Ledger technologies, outlines the proven use cases and provides business insights on what can be achieved in future. You will also find an explanation of the core problems in Finance, Logistics, Insurance, Supply Chain and other industries that are being solved with Blockchain now. Feel free to download and share your feedback with us, we would be happy to continue the conversation!

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Velmie is a leading provider of Blockchain solutions for Finance and Ecommerce. Being recognized as Top Blockchain Solutions Provider by, our company put a lot of efforts in order to educate executives and entrepreneurs about Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies, helping to identify the practical sense of it. Despite of a cryptocurrency hype, there are a lot of real-world use cases remain undiscovered or underestimated. Many also don’t recognize Blockchain as something that can be used somewhere else except coin speculations and ICOs. This situation puts many companies at risk of being affected by disruptive presence of Blockchain and our mission is to help to figure out how this technology can contribute to your business, making it secure, scalable, more efficient, sustainable and, the most importantly, making it more profitable.


Whether you have an idea, on-going project, or you are just curious about Blockchain; we provide free consultations. We will educate you and your team on what it will take to accomplish a project and what technologies we recommend to do the job right.





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