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Velmie and ResClub Team up to Launch a New Investment Platform

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

ResClub, a real estate investment company from Florida (USA), has selected Velmie to launch the platform for providing fund management, payments and asset exchange services for ResClub members.

Craig Shawn Williamson, CEO at ResClub shared some details of the new project goals:

“As an investment, travel, and marketing company, our thousands of investors and members send and receive payments with us on a weekly, and daily basis worldwide. Additionally, we have observed a large and growing segment of these payments being made with an alternative currency. We needed a private, 24/7 payment gateway, banking and investment, and exchange that serviced many needs.”

ResClub is looking to build the new platform on top of Velmie banking software utilizing the available modules and components for fast-track go-to-market with the new product offering.

“Velmie is pleased to announce partnership with ResClub. It is important for us to collaborate with companies that share our vision and ambition to innovate and adapt to a changeable environment. The major goal from our side is to provide a secure, modular solution that is future-proof and meets long-term goals of ResClub.” - Slava Ivashkin, CEO at Velmie, commented.

“After speaking with many experts, we knew that we needed some fundamental banking and exchange systems, but also many custom-crafted features. The collaboration with Velmie is to address all the fundamentals like security, transactional ease, speed, and easy integration to our ecosystem. Velmie listened, above all. We spoke to many software providers in this space and none had the discipline to first listen carefully to us. After listening, Velmie has been exceptional in its guidance and execution of our plan. We are looking forward to launching this private service to our investors and members.” - Craig Shawn Williamson, CEO at ResClub.


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