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Fintech 2022 Predictions

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

With the ever-growing interest in the Fintech and Digital Banking industry, it is worth being on track with its trends and opportunities. At Velmie, a digital banking software provider, we handle yearly market surveys to understand how the market is going to evolve.

Comments and some additional insights from our experts will give you a more detailed picture of the current landscape and help with the next year's predictions.

To discover the findings of Velmie Fintech 2022 Research choose the option that suits you best:

  1. Download PDF with graphics and our comments.

  2. Watch the recording of the webinar where Velmie experts discuss the data.

  3. Read the recording transcript.

Download Full Report

Get actionable insights from Velmie.

Fintech 2022

What's inside:

  • Fintech sectors to grow in 2022;

  • Adoption of emerging technology;

  • Favorable regions;

  • Building a successful Fintech product;

  • Addressing major threats of Fintech companies.

Download the report.

Webinar on Fintech Market 2022

Watch Velmie expert panel discussion to explore what are the main Fintech predictions for 2022. Find out our perspective on the fastest growing technologies, markets, and sectors.

Fintech 2022 Discussion Transcript


Which of the technologies in the financial sector will bring the most impact in 2022?

What’s your take on crypto? Do you see the potential in it?

Where does Velmie stand for crypto?

What's the biggest challenge companies face when building crypto solutions?

The vast majority of respondents (80%) would prioritize time-to-market and start with MVP. What are your thoughts on that?

What about security issues? Is it worth being prioritized for an MVP?

Is there an ideal approach to launch a new product?

90% of the respondents say they either secured the funds for new initiatives in 2022 or are considering launching new products. Only 10% feel negative about the next year in terms of the fintech investments. What do you say about this?

Working closely with the founders and executives. What is your impression about the new products launching next year?