The technology behind online giants is now available for small business. All-in mobile ecommerce toolset to introduce personal shopping experience, loyalty & referral programs to any online business.  


Mobile is the communication tool nowadays and it uncovers great opportunities for businesses to stay in touch with the customers; to deliver personalized messages with offers and important news; to get the important data on customers behavior and to enable omni-channel sales system. 


Our mission is to enable online businesses of all kind to use the cutting-edge technologies and sales tools that were previously available only for giant companies because of the complexity and costs. The tool we developed combines innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data with the most advanced sales techniques such as loyalty and referral systems. All of these, along with a custom mobile app storefront, communication engine, and many other features are now ready to be used, just a few clicks forward.  





  • Mobile application. Mobile app is delivered to customers where they keep and manage their bonus points: share with friends, make purchases, view transactions, manage account and so on. For merchants, the app is an ultimate tool to deliver craft offers, enable mobile purchases, execute campaigns and collect customers data.


  • All-in-one. The system can handle all kind of rewards and discounts and accumulate all bonuses in a single yet powerful mobile wallet while, at the same time, acting as a fully-functional mobile storefront.


  • AI recommendations. Personalization is a key success factor in ecommerce, the platform powered by AI and populated with customers data can provide great product recommendations.


  • Digital tokenSecure digital currency (token) issued for every merchant and under a complete control. The platform is running on IBM enterprise platform and all transactions are executed via Smart Contracts to prevent fraud.



  • Your Branding. We take care of your brand identity as it is an important factor of building long-term growth and acquisition strategy. Therefore we help our clients to get mobile wallets that fit the brand vision perfectly. Already have an app? We can integrate our solution to it.


  • Your sales offers. The high-level objective of our system is to help businesses to make more sales while retaining happy customers. With the mobile app, you can reach way more clients rather than using channels like emails or social networks.


  • AI product recommendations. This is something that contributes both merchants and shoppers but providing a great experience and higher conversions.


  • Instant notifications. With the help of instant push-notifications you can reach out to clients instantly to deliver the most important messages or offers.


  • Integrated shopping cart. The wallet can be augmented with a shopping cart and products catalog in order to enable purchases right from the mobile app.


  • Account balance. Users can instantly check the account balance that is updated in the real-time, thanks to Blockchain technology behind.


  • Transaction history. The wallet contains precise information of all transactions that are pending or were processed.

  • Send tokens to friends. This is something that wasn’t available before but was highly desired by customers. Creating digital tokens on top of Blockchain makes it possible to give a lot of flexibility on how people manage their assets, sharing tokens with friends is one of those features. It makes the loyalty and referral system much more valuable for customers as they face a true ownership instead of dealing with complicated and unclear terms of service.


  • Digital gift cards. With our solution your clients can purchase and share digital gift cards right from the wallet. The receiver will get an amount of tokens to spend on your site and, of course, the mobile wallet to manage tokens and to join your list of the repeat customers.

  • Refer a friend. The solution provides a lot of options to enable the referral program, one of the best use cases is to provide your existing clients certain amount of tokens to share with friends. Governed by Smart Contract technology, this function can effectively track tokens usage to prevent fraud.






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