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Crypto Banking Software Solutions

Software platform and infrastructure for crypto banking and exchange.

Fully Customizable Software Platform For Crypto Banking

White-label platform for crypto banking products with all the essentials needed to go live in just a few weeks. Includes the mobile and web applications, advanced back office system, REST API, and numerous integrations to the market-leading service providers for payments, liquidity, KYC, custody, and more. 

Fast time to market

Go live in weeks, not months using the advantages of prebuilt platform with advanced back end, back office system, API middleware and front end solutions.

End-to-end delivery

We help build unique product configurations, perform API integrations and do other modifications in order for you to go live with a unique product.

Partner ecosystem

A wide range of integrated partners for crypto liquidity, IBANs, payments, cards and other essential services.

Explore the trends and opportunities

Get the latest insights on the crypto banking industry. Velmie conducts yearly survey of top market players helping to identify the biggest trends and explore opportunities for growth.

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Crypto banking software features

Accounts & Custody

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Master account

Master and sub accounts for digital asset storage with automated configurable harvesting algorithms.

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Crypto nodes, transactions monitoring and approval with no reliance on 3rd party.

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On-chain and Off-chain transfers

On-chain rypto deposit and withdrawals, off-chain transfers withing the platform and connected partners.

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Transaction, exchange, account, maker-taker fess and markups fully configurable through the platform.


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Integrated liquidity partners supporting all major currencies and tokens.

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Order book

Capital market grade order book and matching engine technology.

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Automatically generated crypto wallets to buy, hold and transact with digital assets. 


Payments and Transfers

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QR Payments

Merchant payments and transfers with QR codes.

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P2P Transfers

Instant P2P transfers withing the system with QR codes, payment links and invoices. 

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Top up & Withdrawal

Top up and withdraw funds with crypto, bank transfers, mobile wallets or cards.

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Bulk payments with batch transactions to save on transaction fees. 

Partnering with Velmie and using their cutting-edge technology has allowed us to offer trading for any digital asset via our exchange. With their matching and trading engine and white label platform, we have a cost-effective and enterprise-grade solution that allows us to be more competitive in the market.

Ruben Majola,

Founder & CEO of

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Case study: Digital Asset Brokerage System

The client’s business objective was to supply the market in the EU and South Africa with crypto on-ramp and off-ramp, low-latency trading and crypto portfolio management tools. The solution should come with a user-friendly omnichannel experience across the web and mobile; provide high-grade security and a wide range of markets.

Over 50 crypto companies are transforming their business with us. 

Contact us today to explore the opportunities.

Sectors we serve

Crypto brokerage

Digital asset investments

Crypto exchange



Crypto wallets


  • How scalable is your platform? 
    With the modular back-end architecture, cross-platform front-end technology, and API middleware solution the platform can scale on the go and be adapted for ever-changing market conditions.
  • Is it possible to customize your solution?
    The solution was originally designed to allow fast customizations as we understand that in order to succeed, every product much comes with unique advantages. Therefore, we provide tools and services to go live with very special FinTech products and experiences. 
  • How long does it take to enter the market with your platform?
    It usually takes between a few weeks to several months depending on the product scope and complexity. We always have available teams to get started asap and reduce time-to-market as much as possible. 
  • How much does your crypto banking platform cost?
    The cost to deploy the Velmie crypto banking platform strongly depends upon your specific requirements, customization preferences, and the features that you decide to include. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective solution and this is why our fees are at least 40% lower compared to similar platforms.
  • How do you handle the security?
    The software platform is compliant with major standards such as PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 2, OWASP, and others. For the transactions and asset security there are technology best practices such as biometric authentication, RBAC, MPC (Multi-Party Computation), and more. We’re also partnering with the leading industry players that extend platform capacity with additional services such as crypto AML and fraud prevention. 
  • What are the supported currencies?
    The platform is asset agnostic and comes with no restrictions regarding the supported currencies and assets. It can support as many currencies as your broker or liquidity provider has.
  • Do you provide compliance services?
    As a tech company, we mostly work with established institutions helping them with technology advancements and digital transformation. Therefore, we are purely focused on the tech and don’t provide Compliance as a Service. For those of our clients who’re just starting we have special partnerships and offerings in this space, feel free to contact us to learn more.

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