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Banking Core Software

Self-hosted banking software platform with full IP/source code

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Get 100% ownership of your software and data

Velmie helps financial institutions effectively address modern-day challenges with a fully customizable digital banking platform and professional services. The software platform comes as a combination of back-end services, mobile applications, web front-end for clients and administrators, and an extensive API for developers. We handle ongoing maintenance and technical support, thus, our clients feel confident while staying focused on their business. ​ Security and scalability are at the very heart of the software and our mission is to deliver reliable and future-proof tech solutions for all types of financial services companies.

Full source code

Obtain full source code for the digital banking platform and white-label apps to gain competitive advantages. Go live 6x times faster and don’t get trapped with expensive software license fees or 3rd party APIs.

Modern tech stack

Build your product on top of a modern platform featuring Golang and Flutter technology used by top fintech unicorns. We make it easier to launch and scale while keeping the development costs down. 


Velmie is a highly customizable banking core platform that can adapt to your specific business needs. Whether you hire your tech team or request customizations from us, it can be done fast and smoothly.

✓ Microservices

Leverage the advantages of a composable back-end system that allows easy configurations and customizations.

 Cloud agnostic

The software platform can be deployed on any cloud provider (AWS, Oracle etc.) or on-premises. It gives you more options to secure the data and stay compliant. 


Top-notch while-label applications for iOS and Android are designed to drastically speed up the go-to-market process.


Best-in-class tools are embedded into the system’s back office to ensure ultimate security and compliance.


“Velmie listened, above all.  We spoke to many software providers in this space and none had the discipline to first listen carefully to us.  After listening, Velmie has been exceptional in its guidance and execution of our plan.  We are looking forward to launching this private service to our investors and members."

Craig Shawn Williamson,

Founder / CEO


Case study: 8ghtX Banking

8ghtX App is a first-of-its-kind banking platform and investment syndication hub wrapped into one sleek interface. You can make deposits, withdrawals, investments, collect dividends and transfer funds 24/7, 365 days a year! The 8ghtX App is more than just a fintech app. It is a community of like-minded people with a passion for financial freedom and innovation.

01. Banks

In today's digital age, financial institutions are facing numerous tech challenges including ever-evolving customer expectations, implementation of emerging technologies, increasing technology costs, and the growing number of security threats. To remain competitive and meet customers' demands banks need to embrace digital transformation. We help organizations sustain the challenges by modernizing their banking technology for more agility, customer-centricity, and innovations.


Better than open-source alternatives

Going with enterprise legacy systems or building unique with open-source banking software is the most difficult choice teams make when starting a new product. The first option seems more safe and headache-free and the latter looks more efficient in the long run.

At Velmie we combined the advantages of both in our digital banking platform. Being delivered as a white-label production-ready technology, it allows speedy go-to-market for new products with the support of our domain experts. And by obtaining the full source code businesses can ensure they are not dependent on any vendors when designing and implementing their product roadmaps. 

Features and advantages


50+ banks and financial institutions manage over 70B of assets with Velmie. Speed up your product launch by using a proven technology trusted by customers across the world.


Whether you have your own tech team or not, we’re ready to provide technical support and system maintenance to ensure your business is up and running. 


Our dedicated teams can help you start a customized solution or help your tech experts increase their capacity. Having worked with the tech for over 10 years, we can make it fast and efficient.


Cutting-edge mobile and web interfaces to provide smooth and engaging experiences like at Revolut, Venmo, Chime and other services.


We’re ready to adapt our software and services to your individual needs helping to sustain challenges and explore the opportunities in the financial services space. 


Launch PCI-DSS or SOC2 Type II compliant solution with us. The software source code comes with full technical, security and disaster recovery documentation to ensure safe operations.

 API integrations

Over 30 APIs of the most popular BaaS platforms, KYC solutions and payment gateways are already connected to our banking system. We can also help doing custom API connections to partners of your choice.


If you’re just starting your product journey our domain professionals can help you figure our the payments, compliance, product and tech issues.

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