Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining solutions for FinTech companies

Finance sector is one of the early adopters of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing and others. According to the research, introducing AI technology helps to increase the revenues of FinTech companies by 38% in average.

The mission of AI technology is to help organizations to better understand their customers. Intents, behavior, habits, preferences, identity are the things crucial for providing outstanding experiences for users.

Our mission is to help financial organizations to become data-driven and enhanced by Artificial Intelligence technology. The products and API solutions by Velmie help to implement behavioral science technology and predictive analytics in FinTech products for the increased efficiency and engagement. AI and Natural Language Processing solutions we provide empower organizations to effectively manage customers life cycle activities and to remove the product complexities.




Conversational interfaces and AI-powered chatbots for a seamless experience interacting with your product. Not only it can be used to reduce call center costs, but to handle the entire customers journey... 

Identity Management

State-of-the-art AI algorithms, Optical Character Recognition and Computer Vision technologies combined into a single tool for Customer Identity Verification. The solution complies with EU regulatory ...


Predictive Analytics solution for personalized offering, marketing communications and content delivery. Predict customer demands and build hyperpersonalized products with no staff involved.


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Cloud Platforms:

Azure Machine Learning
Google Cloud



AI Use Cases  

in Finance

Fraud Prevention

Traditional methods of detection of fraudulent transactions are not effective enough, causing the average losses of several billion per year globally. AI algorithms and Big Data technology can effectively reduce the “false positive” rate of fraudulent transactions by processing and analyzing huge amounts of data, finding anomalies

AML and KYC Compliance

AI technology helps to significantly enhance Due Diligence framework within organizations for better compliance. Combined with OCR and Computer Vision the solution can process data from multiple sources in real-time, leaving no room for the human factor.

Conversational AI

Conversational interface is something that is going to be a #1 priority in the next decade, replacing mobile and web interfaces. It is the evolution of interaction between humans and machines.

Personal Recommendations

It used to be hard to deliver a personalized service if you’re serving thousands of clients until AI technology started to spread across industries. With its help, you can treat each of the users as your most valuable clients by analyzing the behaviors and individual preferences to come up with unique deals and products.

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