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Innovative software solutions for financial advisors

White-label system for RIA and wealth managers to facilitate digital transformation and innovations.

Fully Customizable Software Platform For Financial Advisors

Embrace innovations

Go digital and provide great omnichannel experiences to the clients, boosting retention and engagement rates. 

Automate workflows

Powerful back office system to build and automate workflows, manage permissions and create custom reports.

Modular banking software platform to deliver highly-customized solutions for RIA, private banks, and wealth management companies. The innovative API orchestration technology allows connections to the leading custodians while omnichannel interfaces bring engagement and convenience to the clients.

Scale on the go

Companies can introduce new features and offerings faster than ever with the composable software design and API ecosystem.

Explore the trends and opportunities

Get the latest insights on digital banking and wealth management industries. Velmie conducts yearly survey of top market players helping to identify the biggest trends and explore opportunities for growth.

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Users and accounts

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RBAC tools and configurable admin roles to fit your organizational structure and processes.

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Ready to investment, savings, minimum balance and other account types.

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User groups

Advanced client segmentation and personalization based on groups.

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Sending money to friends or contacts through the app.

Client portal and apps

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Mobile applications and client web portal with your company’s branding.

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Instant onboarding

Smooth onboarding and digital KYC procedures with configurable account limits and types.

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Keep clients engaged and provide tools for instant communication with the help of embedded notifications and messaging systems.

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Bank transfers and instant p2p transactions within the platform.

Cards and Payments

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White-label cards

Issue and manage branded physical and virtual cards with one of the integrated partners.

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Cross-border transfers and Fx with over 70 supported currencies in 130+ countries.

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Bank transfers

Incoming and outgoing bank transfers with Swift, SEPA and ACH.

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Bill payments

Set of tools to issue and collect invoice and bill payments.


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Self-hosted software

Deployed in the cloud or on-premises, the software gives you full control over the data, compliance and IP.

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Easy-to-use software with no investments in IT infrastructure. Enjoy 24/7 SLA support while keeping your focus on what matters the most.

"Velmie allowed us to significantly reduce time-to-market when starting a wealth management solution. A huge advantage is the availability of customizations and the API middleware that allows fast connectivity to partner banks."

Tosin Osunsanya,


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Banking software

Case study: Cloud software for financial advisors

TAPP Engine provides embedded digital wealth Infrastructure with cloud-native services. The platform comes with vertically integrated assets servicing infrastructure that combines modern brokerage, custody, clearing & cash management, designed to help financial intermediaries. The project goal was to build a multi-tenant solution and migrate the existing customers and organizations to the new software. The key objective was to deliver a best-in-class omnichannel experience with cost-effective and compliant cloud infrastructure. Multi-asset trading, connectivity to core banking systems, powerful security, and compliance tools were among the key requirements for the software.

Over 50 wealth management companies are transforming their business with us. 

Contact us today to explore the opportunities.

Sectors we serve

Investment funds

Wealth managers


Trust funds

Brokerage companies

Private equity funds

How to build a future-proof RIA platform?

Since the 1970s, when RIA services first appeared on the market, there have been no revolutionary changes in the way they operate. Today, there are over 300K investment advisors facing inevitable changes in their business thanks to digital technology and a new generation of customers. The rise of mobile technology, AI, Big Data, and other emerging tech change the way RIA businesses will operate in the very near future. 

Digital transformation is increasingly important for RIAs, as clients expect more digital experience in all aspects of their lives. Together with ever-evolving customer preferences, digital technology becomes the key solution to meet modern customer requirements such as:

  • Digital-first. Customers are accustomed to doing everything digitally, from banking to shopping and they expect their investment advisors to offer a similar experience. 

  • Sustainability. Customers are now more concerned about sustainability and they want to invest in companies that are doing good for the planet and society. 

  • Transparency. RIAs must provide full insights into customers’ finances as they want to be able to see where their money is going and how it is being invested.

  • Education. Clients want to be educated about wealth management and learn how to make financial decisions.


By embracing the technology, RIAs can improve

  • Client experience. Mobile and web applications can help RIAs provide a more convenient and personalized client experience. For example, clients can use them to access their accounts, track investments, and communicate with their advisor via chat. 

  • Operational efficiency. Software tools can help RIAs streamline their operations and free up time for advisors to focus on client service. For example digital onboarding, automated account opening and reporting can be fully automated with modern software. 

  • Costs. Digital tools help wealth management companies to reduce their operating costs by automating workflows and reducing paperwork. 

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