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Future-proof software solutions for banks 

We develop modern tech solutions for the banking sector. Go live in weeks with our proprietary technology framework designed for financial services companies.

Award-winning bank technology tailored for you

Explore the scalable and future-proof system for banks to thrive and stay ahead of the competition.

End-to-end delivery

Get a dedicated team to handle all stages of the project so you can stay focused on business matters.

Readymade solutions

Prebuilt platform and components to drastically speed up time-to-market for payments and banking products. 

Partner ecosystem

We’re connected to the leading companies across the globe to give you advice and speed up integrations.

Launching a Digital Bank: A Step-by-Step Guide

See the webinar record to explore how to build a digital banking product with Velmie banking platform and partner ecosystem.

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As a development company, Velmie handles end-to-end delivery of software projects for bank and financial organizations worldwide.

Our skilled engineering teams build advanced future-proof solutions with modern technology and a modern approach. We help both startups and leading banks transform their ideas into live products by doing engineering, advisory, design, and product management. 

Our experience with banking software solutions has given us the confidence to jump in on complex software projects, advise on tech decisions provide readymade infrastructure for faster time-to-market.

Proven Experience

Velmie has extensive experience in developing different solutions for businesses of all sizes and will help you create a phenomenal end-to-end digital banking solution. The wide variety of clients allows us to speak of a wide range of expertise.

Regulatory Compliance

As someone who is not new to the financial industry, Velmie knows how to work with existing specific regulations and best practices that companies must follow, which allows us to avoid mistakes in the product development process.


Velmie strives to have a similar professional ethic and values with the client in order to honor their commitment to transparency and quality. In this way, we and our customers can better understand each other's needs and collaborate in the most effective way possible.

Ongoing Support

Our current technology stack is robust, innovative, and adaptable. And once implemented, we provide our customers with ongoing software support and maintenance as part of our services.

Tech Infrastructure

Velmie strives to have a similar professional ethic and values with the client in order to honor their commitment to transparency and quality. In this way, we and our customers can better understand each other's needs and collaborate in the most effective way possible.

Velmie's mission as a banking software developer is to deliver future-proof tech with timeless design, building a solid foundation for every banking project. 

Modular approach

Based on microservices architecture, our software solutions provide more flexibility as modules can be customized and configured independently for each customer.


Velmie has built an extensive network of partners and integrations that allows banking solutions to be configured for all local markets.

Data Security

We build banking software and apps compliant to PCI-DSS, PSD2, GDPR and other regulatory requirements.

IP ownership

Customers have more control and flexibility to manage and expand their business because Velmie shares IP rights with the customer.

End-to-end delivery

Customers don't need to bring in the expertise and resources needed for systems integration and support because Velmie does it all.

"Velmie allowed us to significantly reduce time-to-market when starting a wealth management solution. A huge advantage is the availability of customizations and the API middleware that allows fast connectivity to partner banks."

Tosin Osunsanya,


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Banking software

Case study: Cloud-native banking system

Building a custom banking platform with vertically integrated servicing infrastructure.

TAPP Engine is the next-generation platform that provides embedded digital wealth Infrastructure with cloud-native services combining modern brokerage, custody, clearing & cash management, designed to help financial intermediaries. The users of the clients' platform are individuals and members of their families, business owners, and their partners/employees from the USA, who are focused on diversifying their investments, better structuring their wealth management goals.

More than 100 financial institutions around the globe already building their banking products with us.

Reach out today to get your technological advantage

Sectors we serve

Retail and business banks


Consumer lending

Trade finance

Mobile wallets

Wealth management

Modules & APIs

Our mission is not only to create cutting-edge software, but also to provide true modularity and through partners provide solutions such as payment processing, card issuance, identity verification and so on. Such services, available as extensions, allow you to configure products for different markets and audiences. And we don't just provide you with tools, we deliver end-to-end with our own team.

  • Debit and Credit card Issuing

  • KYC & AML 

  • SEPA, SWIFT, ACH transfers

  • IBANs 

  • International remittance

  • Invoicing

  • Savings and credit accounts

  • Fees and interest rates management

  • Merchant services

  • Currency exchange

  • Mobile wallet for iOS and Android

  • Strong customer authentication (SCA)

  • Loans and Credit score

  • Mass payouts

  • Loyalty & Rewards

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