Pan-African Mobile Banking Solution

Mobile bank featuring cross-border payments and money transfers.



Today, Africa and the Middle East remain the region with around 50% of the unbanked population. Basic financial operations such as transfers, currency exchange, bill payments remain cumbersome or impossible for people living there and have limited to no access to centralized banking services.

However, with the fast-growing number of mobile users and vast internet coverage, digital banking is becoming a powerful solution for the problem. It can provide people that were traditionally excluded from the financial ecosystem with a cost-effective and convenient solution for managing their finance.

The Story

The client is set to become the dominant pan-African solution for affordable cross-border remittances and bill payment by serving a much larger informal segment of the population.

Thus, the company was looking for a technology partner to build a comprehensive digital banking product for african people to enable cross-currency operations, payments, transfers and other financial services within Africa and beyond its boundaries. To fulfill such a mission it was critical to find a technology provider that had hands-on experience in tackling the high-level security standards in digital finance. Furthermore, in order to attract more customers, the usability and great user experience of the solution was highly required.