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Crypto Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrency exchange for European and South Africa’s markets.

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The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly, as is the number of offerings from providers in this area. But this does not mean that all the solutions supplied work correctly and cover the client's needs. There are always blind spots and new markets that also require attention and new solutions to increase the accessibility, security and provide more investment tools.

The Story

The client’s business objective was to supply the market in the EU and South Africa with crypto on-ramp and off-ramp, low-latency trading and crypto portfolio management tools. The solution should come with user-friendly omnichannel experience across the web and mobile; provide high-grade security and the wide range of markets.

The Solution

Velmie is partnering with the leading companies to provide enterprise-grade technology for digital asset exchange products. Our white-label platform can be extended in numerous ways to fit specific business cases and build unique offerings. This is the approach chosen to deliver this project where we collaborated with our partners from Fireblocks, Exberry, Jumio and others to provide state-of-the-art technology that is modular, scalable and future-proof. The technology allows migrating the existing customers and processing 100,000+ TPS right from day one, which is the key differentiator from many other offerings on the market.

The tech delivered by Velmie also features API middleware layer and technology, allowing to extend the platform with more API connections, build smart routing solutions and use local vendors for different markets.

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The Features

  • Digital onboarding with KYC/AML

  • Limit and Market Orders

  • Margin orders

  • Quick Buy/Sell

  • Crypto on-ramp and off-ramp

  • P2P Transfers

  • Transaction monitoring and analytics

  • Helpdesk

  • iOS, Android and Web applications

  • and more

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Ruben Majola
(Founder & CEO of

Partnering with Exberry and Velmie and using their cutting-edge Saas technology has allowed us to offer trading for any digital asset via our exchange. With their matching and trading engine and white label platform, we have a cost-effective and enterprise-grade solution that allows us to be more competitive in the market.


API solution to enable cryptocurrency trading across multiple exchanges.

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Building cryptocurrency exchange and crypto payment gateway with a white-label technology platform.

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Cutting-edge technology for smart trading decisions.

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