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8ghtx: Real Estate Syndication

Banking platform and real estate investment syndication hub.


Keeping pace with rapidly evolving financial technology is an ongoing challenge for alternative investment firms in the United States. Their tech infrastructure requires regular upgrades and maintenance to enhance operational efficiency, ensure compliance, and meet evolving investor preferences.


Handling complex funds, partnerships, and efficient back-office work, while meeting client needs, equires robust, secure, and modern tech.



Velmie has developed the 8ghtX App for a Florida-based investment firm with a unique business model that combines vacation property use with investment returns. In 2022, the company invested over $47 million in vacation properties and aims to double its investments in 2023. It partners with globally recognized hotel brands and vacation property management companies in more than 100 countries.

As the company grew and attracted more private investors, it required a complete tech overhaul to get a more scalable back-end system, API management layer and digital front-end to provide investors with a secure and transparent investment experience.

The problem was solved with the Velmie core banking platform as the foundational backend, which provides an advanced API
orchestration layer, and white-label apps built with Angular and Flutter, ensuring a seamless user experience. The solution
represents a paradigm shift in fintech, seamlessly integrating essential banking services and investment opportunities within an
intuitive and sleek interface.



8ghtX App is an investment solution that Velmie delivered on top of its core banking platform. It’s a self-service solution for new and existing company clients to allow them to invest and earn money in different ways, offering tools to engage users in a wide array of financial activities, including deposits, withdrawals, investments, dividend collections, fund transfers, multi-asset trading, etc.


The solution provides a transparent and time-effective investment experience, which is very intuitive and simple and also features referral program tools including referral tracking and reward management. The core features of the 8ghtX cater to both
end-users and administrators, delivering a comprehensive and integrated solution.

Administrators can easily and fast create detailed investment offerings, manage referral programs, monitor transactions, and provide exceptional customer support.
Besides, Velmie API orchestration technology allows endless integration possibilities for further customization and scaling, such as offering more cryptocurrencies and implementing AI-driven analytics and data mining.


After speaking with many experts, we knew that we needed fundamental banking and crypto exchange systems, along with custom-crafted features. The collaboration with Velmie is to address all the fundamentals like security, transactional ease, speed, and easy integration into our  ecosystem. Velmie has been exceptional in its guidance and execution of our plan.

Craig Shawn Williamson,

CEO, 8ghtX Ap


 Seamless onboarding

 Deposit, investment and crypto accounts

 Virtual and physical debit cards

 Referral program tools

 Individual and business customers

 and more

 Wire, ACH, and Zelle transfers

Looking to start real estate syndication platform?

Reach out to us to see how Velmie can help by providing white-label technology. 

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