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Next-generation digital bank in Malta

Platform integrated with real and virtual worlds to manage end user payments.

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The growing interest in fintech among end-users forces companies to look for more and more optimal solutions to offer to the customer. To ensure fast and smooth transaction processing that does not require special knowledge and additional actions, contractors look for the most technological solutions, which is what Koala Malta turned to us for.

The Story

The client's goal was to create a platform similar to online banking, but which is an independent institution linked to and supported by a financial institution that provides payment services to customers.

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The Solution

Velmie offered the customer a digital banking solution that opens the end user several functions (deposits, withdrawals, transfers, etc.) to make payments.

The user registered on the platform has his account there and access to all possible payment transactions.

The project is integrated with Banking Circle to enhance the features offered by Koala Malta.

  • This helps open accounts for end users, so accounts on the platform don't just remain virtual, but become real.

  • Users can create multiple accounts on the platform. In this case, Banking Circle registers open one main account per user (and per currency - the customer can have several real accounts according to the number of currencies), and then exchanges internal platform accounts via VIBAN.

  • The user can also have a bank account outside the platform and therefore outside the banking circle - this account is called the User's Bank.

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