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Payments and Remittance Solution 

Day-to-day payments and international remittance for underbanked communities in the EU. 

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Despite the dynamic development of the field of financial technology, some people still can’t get full access to the financial ecosystem in the EU. There is a significant community of foreign workers, mainly from Latin America, that can’t use the financial tools or find them too costly and inconvenient.

It specifically applies to remittance transactions where senders often have to visit special brick-and-mortar remittance service providers, and payment recipients have to go to bank offices to receive the funds.

These problems are notably exacerbated in certain social groups, such as foreign workers who often change their place of residence or are not registered in local communities and who send their earnings in the form of remittances to their families back home.

The Story

The mission of Walddo is to take advantage of the disruptive fintech effect targeting immigrant workers and introduce a mobile banking solution for cross-border money transfers and everyday payments. The remittance corridor between EU and Latin American countries is one of the key offerings, which makes transactions more convenient and reduces their costs.

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The Solution

Walddo platform has been built with the banking technology by Velmie that brings scalable architecture, configurable back office workflows, and API ecosystem with direct access to the market-leading payment institutions. The initial version of the app was linked to the PecunPay ecosystem using its treasury accounts, KYC, payment methods, and card issuing capabilities. With the mission to provide the best exchange rates and the lowest transaction costs, there are plans to introduce other service providers using API orchestration technology.

To fit daily payment needs, Walddo app provides IBAN accounts and the issuance of a virtual MasterCard debit card, with the option to order the card in physical form. The payment cards support face-to-face payments, eCommerce payments, MasterCard Send, and use in other digital wallets.

The Features

  • Instant onboarding and KYC

  • AML and transactions monitoring

  • Cross-border transfers and Fx

  • Virtual and physical debit cards

  • P2P Transfers

  • QR payments

  • Loans

  • Bank Transfers

  • and more...

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