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Walddo: Neobank in Spain

Digital bank featuring card issuing, day-to-day payments and international remittance.


Despite the dynamic development of financial technology,some people still can’t get full access to financial ecosystem inthe EU. A significant community of foreign workers, mainlyfrom Latin America, can’t use the financial tools or find themtoo costly and inconvenient.

It mainly relates to remittance transactions, when sendersoften must visit brick-and-mortar service providers, andpayment recipients must go to bank offices to receive funds.


These problems are actual for such groups as foreign workerswho often change their places of residence or are notregistered in local communities and send earnings to theirfamilies back home



The mission of Walddo is to take advantage of the disruptive fintech effect targeting immigrant workers and introduce a mobilebanking solution for cross-border money transfers and everyday payments. The remittance corridor between EU and LatinAmerican countries is one of the key offerings, which makes transactions more convenient and reduces their costs.



Walddo platform has been built with the digital banking technology by Velmie that brings scalable architecture, configurable backoffice workflows, and an API ecosystem with direct access to the market-leading payment, KYC, and other service providers. It’s acutting-edge neobank platform that offers users a full range of services, including account opening, card issuing, domestic andinternational transfers, eCommerce payments, and digital wallets. Plus, it offers MasterCard Send functionality, providing clientswith lightning-fast payment options.


The platform meets compliance and security requirements, ensuring the utmost protection for users. Besides, Velmie APIorchestration technology allows endless integration possibilities for further customization and scaling, such as offering the mostcompetitive exchange rates and minimizing transaction fees.


 MasterCard send

 QR payments

 Push notifications

 Quick loans

 Instant onbording and KYC

 AML and transactions monitoring

 Virtual and physical debit cards issuing

 Domestic and cross-border P2P Transfers

 eCommerce payments

 and more

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