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Wealth Management Platform

Advanced wealth management and brokerage platform built with Velmie banking technology


TAPP Engine provides embedded digital wealth Infrastructure with cloud-native services. The platform comes with vertically integrated assets servicing infrastructure that combines modern brokerage, custody, clearing & cash management, designed to help financial intermediaries. The users of the clients' platform are individuals and members of their families,business owners, and their partners/employees from the USA, who are focused on diversifying their investments, better structuring their wealth management goals.

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The project goal was to build a multi-tenant solution and migrate the existing customers and organizations to the new software.

The key objective was to deliver a best-in-class omnichannel experience with cost-effective and compliant cloud infrastructure.
Multi-asset trading, connectivity to core banking systems, powerful security, and compliance tools were among the key
requirements for the software.

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The Platform was delivered with a prebuilt back end, front end, and middleware technology customized and configured for a specific business case. The modularity and API ecosystem of the Velmie banking solution allowed reducing time-to-market to just a ew months while building this type of product with an in-house dev team could take 2+ years. The microservices approach and other unique software architecture features provide the client with ongoing capabilities to extend the Platform offerings and markets by simply introducing new modules or partner APIs.

The Platform is entirely cloud-based and hosted on AWS servers, providing a highly scalable offering in the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment to date. As the AWS partner, we’re able to set up single and multi-tenant infrastructure that complies with different regulatory policies, and in this particular case, there is a SOC 2 Type 2 cloud environment, security policies and certification were obtained.

 Velmie allowed us to significantly reduce time-to-market when starting a wealth management solution. A huge advantage is the availability of customizations and the API middleware that allows fast connectivity to partner banks.

Tosin Osunsanya,

Founder, Tappengine



 Digital KYC/AML

 Branded debit cards

 Checking and Savings accounts

 Bill Payments

 ACH and Wire transfers

 Multi-asset trading

 Fractional shares

 Multiple user types

 iOS, Android and Web Applications

 and more...

Looking to launch a wealth management product? 

Reach out to us to see how Velmie can help with tech solutions for wealth management companies.

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