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How Velmie helps to introduce IoT technology into consumer products.

Velmie is a leading technology partner helping companies to utilize best of IoT technology. We deliver solutions to move products on the next level, to increase the customer engagement, loyalty and brand value.

That’s where IoT technology comes into play, just a few minor changes can allow your customers to interact with the product via voice assistants, connect to smart home systems and interact via mobile applications.

Our goal is to make your product audience to stay engaged and tuned, boosting the product and brand value, gain a better loyalty rate and to increase the repeat purchases. Check out how we did it for one of our clients.

Having just a product that produces great results is not enough nowadays, as customers are looking for a great experience as well.

The Story

AquaTru has a great story of delivering clean water to households around the USA. Their water purifier is one of the most advanced on the market, it combines 4-stage filtering into a compact body that fits any space. This story is about transforming the traditional product into a great experience by introducing new technologies.

Problem Definition

AquaTru water purifier was on the market for several years when we started to explore options with the client on how to solve problems and to break through the bottlenecks. After the rapid growth period the company faced such problems as:

Reaching out to new customer segments. There were many tools to do so but the value proposition was not obvious.

To improve brand equity and customers loyalty.

With all of these problems in mind, we came up with a market strategy, customer acquisition plan and a technical solution to reach the target goals.

To properly educate customers about all the benefits they get by using the product.

To stand out from the competitors.

Proposed Solution

The technical solution consisted of just a minor hardware upgrade to keep the lower costs of production, the product visually stayed the same and all the magic happened inside. Our engineering team implemented a connectivity module to the PCB of the device to enable data exchange between it and mobile applications.

As long as the device already had many sensors and modules to ensure the proper work, there was a lot of data available but hidden from users. Therefore, many of the identified business problems like brand equity, engagement, customers education and informing, product value offerings were soled by simply presenting this data:

a) the right way
b) at the right time
c) at the right place
d) with a personalized approach

To handle this, we developed native iOS and Android mobile applications that connect directly to a water purifier to allow customers to:

Manage the device

Get the consumption stats

Receive alerts of the expiring filter cartridge and order them in one click

Get health tips and advice based on the water consumption stats

See a personal stats of environmental and pollution effects of using the water purifier

Financial savings stats of using the purifier compared to other sources

Outcome &

Success Metrics

Receive alerts of the expiring filter cartridge and order them in one click

Reduced marketing costs with the extensive growth of sales

Increased brand equity allowed to enter the market with new products maintaining a lower budget

Interactive and engaging AI-powered mobile applications to deal with core business problems.

Keep low production costs by implementing the minimum changes to the hardware.

Case Study

Get insights on how IoT can contribute your product. In this study we share real-world examples of projects getting customers attraction because of the new technology.

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