Smart Irrigation 


A fully connected watering system for private & business use.

The Story

Watering the garden has never been a smart thing, it required tons of water resources and manual hard work in order to maintain a lawn and plants. And doing watering right before the rain became a typical problem for many of us considering the high price of water resources wasted. There was the idea of our client to introduce smart predictive watering technology, normally available to huge farms because of the high costs associated, to anyone in this world.

The solution Velmie supposed to deliver had to deal with pre-identified business challenges such as:


  • Introducing full automation of watering to individual homeowners.

  • Being compatible with the existing sprinkler systems.

  • To deliver predictive watering powered by Artificial Intelligence.

  • To come with portable weather stations ensuring the correct weather forecasts for local areas.

  • To be environmentally and socially responsible.


The ultimate idea was to deliver a solution to manage irrigation controller from anywhere worldwide using a smartphone device or web browser with cloud software. Predictive watering to adjust schedules based on temperature forecast, rainfall probability and wind and humidity to provide maximum water savings while keeping landscape healthy and beautiful. Add a simple-to-install flow meter and set up automatic notifications to alert of broken pipes or sprinklers.

The Solution

The process started with R&D workshop to test out different hardware options in order to determine the best one to fit technical and business requirements. The selected hardware was then connected to Velmie’s IoT cloud solution to speed up the deployment and MVP product released with the following features:


  • 6 or 12 watering zones support.

  • Master valve support using zone output. Master valve delay configurable before start and after zone finish.

  • Multiple controllers supported per account to expand capacity.

  • Short circuit protection (800mA max).

  • Broken wiring detection with log alert.

  • Independent start times per zone.

  • User-defined watering schedules to simplify watering setup and management.

  • Day of week scheduling.

  • User-selected internet weather stations.

  • External rain sensor input.

  • External soil moisture sensor input.

  • SMS alerts for water use overflow and underflow.

  • Push notifications for Android and iOS applications.

  • Remote management with mobile applications.

  • Integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g compatible) connects to a standard wireless access point.


And many more.


The Outcome



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  • The product prototype delivered within 1 month and further adapted to the market needs

  • Scalable serverless back end platform delivered that was able to handle product audience from 0 to several thousand with no modifications.

  • Time-to-market decreased by 60%, thanks to using the prebuilt IoT back end solution​


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