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Transforming the fitness industry with AI and IoT solutions

The Story

The fitness industry is one of the most old-fashioned in terms of modern innovative technologies presented there. While many of the other industries went further with implementing digital devices, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, augmented reality and other things, gyms are still being based on traditional equipment and personal trainers.


It was realized as a big opportunity by our client who initiated the project with us being a technical partner to deliver the hardware, software, mobile applications and the AI system. The idea and long-term vision of the system is based on changing the role of a personal trainer that is very important right now and to be changed with more automation of the training process. The connected gym equipment we produced has multiple sensors that take hundreds of measurements per second to analyze speed, amplitude and accuracy of movements people make. Thereby trainers can focus on such things of the training process that are more important and unachievable for AI algorithms.

The Solution

The smart gym equipment solution we delivered contains the following components:


  • The smart gym hardware equipment of 12 different machines for all kind of training purposes.

  • Sensors and the firmware to read, process and send data to the main computing unit.

  • Main computing unit as a point of interaction between the user, machine and the AI system represented with an intuitive touch-screen interface.

  • Mobile application for gym staff to track visitors and their performance.

  • Automated gym access system based on RFID technology.

  • Web admin interface with integrated CRM system to manage the gym facility.

  • iOS and Android mobile applications for gym users to be used as day-to-day assistants in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

  • Artificial Intelligence system to deliver personification in training schedule, intensity and type for every client of a gym.

  • Powerful AWS back end system to process and store all the data coming from sensors, applications and the AI system.


At this time gyms are operating in several countries across the United States and EU and the network is expaning rapidly. Our team keeps working to improve the overall user experience, extend applications with useful features, make the AI algorithms more accurate and to provide 24/7 technical support. 


We also keen to share the expertise gained on this project and can help to implement your ideas in reality. The health & fitness industry is a huge global market that is ready for a technology revolution. Get in touch with us to get a free advice!



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