Smart City: Aquatic Play Solutions

Introducing IoT technology to aquatic playgrounds.

The Story

Vortex is an industry leader in aquatic play landscapes and entertainment solutions manufacturing. At the time we started the project there were more than 7000 aquatic play installations running in 45 countries. The company came to us for technical help upgrading the products range with IoT connectivity solution to better deal with changing market landscape.

Vortex was on the market of aquatic playgrounds for public spaces and aquaparks since 1995. By the year 2017, the company faced several business issues to overcome and the IoT technology appeared the best.


Increased environmental protection regulations. As there are significant water and electricity consumption involved in operating of aquatic playgrounds, it became very important to get it optimized for as much environmental protection as possible.


Costs of energy and water resources and instantly growing and the company needed to optimize products to stay competitive on the market. Decreased costs of operations that lead to increase of profitability were considered as one of the core value propositions.


As the aquatic playgrounds are most commonly used in public spaces by kids, one of the issues to deal with was providing even more safety to users. As the system is quite complex by its nature and has several sources of danger such as water heaters and filters, the safety stayed as the top priority over other things to deal with.

The Solution

The client came to use with the problems identified and a draft idea of the IoT solution. There was a hardware already in place and our team was aimed to deliver a proper implementation. After the technical analysis performed and a few months of work there was an IoT solution in place that consisted of:


  • Properly configured hardware

  • Custom firmware

  • IoT device interface

  • Web monitoring application

  • AWS back end

Finally, the upgraded system was able to deal with the identified problems by introducing an intelligent water filtering and re-use system to reduce consumption;

AI-powered water heating and system operation module introduced to endure predictive usage;

Product safety features are being handled by numerous sensors that deliver real-time data about the water temperature, water quality and the usage activity.  


The Outcome



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  • Increased product efficiency.

  • Better environment protection ensured.

  • The increased safety provided by AI system.

  • More flexibility with setup and operations.


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