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“Set it and forget it” Investment Platform Development

Automated investment software

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Nowadays, more and more people are thinking about starting to invest to achieve their financial goals. In this regard, businesses need to make investing more inclusive. However, it can be difficult and stressful, and the idea of constant monitoring, rebalancing, and stock matching can be overwhelming, especially for those who are new to investing.


Moreover, more and more investors prefer automated investment platforms that provide an autonomous approach to managing their portfolios. These platforms use algorithms to analyze market data and create customized portfolios for investors based on their risk tolerance and goals. The solution to these problems can be a ‘set it and forget it’ approach.


A 'set it and forget it' investment strategy is an approach to investing that involves setting up a portfolio of investments with a desired asset allocation, then leaving it alone. Investors who use this strategy typically invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other assets, set the desired asset allocation, and then make no further changes to the portfolio. This strategy is designed to minimize the time and effort needed to manage investments while still allowing investors to benefit from long-term market returns.

The set it and forget it investments feature in the app would allow users to set up automated investment plans. This would involve setting up a predetermined amount of money to be invested at regular intervals, such as weekly or monthly. Users would also have the option to adjust their investment amounts over time. Additionally, they would be able to view their portfolio’s performance and make changes as needed.

What are the benefits of 'set it and forget it' investment software?

Improved customer experience

Set it and forget it’ investments are easier for customers to understand and use, which can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduced human error

By automating the investment process, businesses can reduce the risk of human error that can occur when manually inputting data or making investment decisions. Automated software ensures that each step of the process is completed correctly, resulting in fewer mistakes and better results.

Increased efficiency

Automated investing software can save investors time and effort by streamlining the investment process. With ‘set it and forget it’ investments software, users can quickly and easily create a portfolio and set up automatic contributions, allowing them to focus on other areas of their business or life.

Improved investment performance

Automated investing software can help businesses improve their investment performance by providing them with data-driven insights into market trends and potential opportunities for growth. This allows them to make more informed decisions about where to invest their money, leading to better returns over time. 

Low maintenance

‘Set it and forget it’ investments require minimal maintenance, which means investors don’t need to spend time and resources monitoring and adjusting the investments.

How does it work?

From your customer perspective ‘Set It and Forget It’  investment platform is very simple and intuitive to use. The process of investment includes the following steps:

1. The users specify financial goals and preferences, i.e. risk tolerance, the type of investments they are interested in, the length of time they want to invest for, and any other specific criteria.

2. After the customers have entered their information, they will need to set up an initial deposit amount and select their preferred payment method (e.g., bank transfer).

3. Once these steps are completed, the application will generate a portfolio based on the customers’ preferences and goals.

4. Customers review and approve the generated portfolio before continuing with their investment plan.

5. Customers monitor the performance of their portfolio over time and make adjustments if needed.

Why development with Velmie

Velmie possesses a team of skilled professionals with experience in different software development services

We recognize the significance of customer service and effective communication, and our team of specialists keeps our clients up-to-date. Additionally, we offer continuous maintenance and support services to guarantee that your software is up-to-date and operating seamlessly.

Our approach involves utilizing cutting-edge technologies and staying up-to-date with industry trends to design bespoke solutions that meet your distinct business requirements. Our solutions are cost-effective and delivered within stipulated timelines.

At Velmie, we aim to adopt a congruous professional ethic and uphold the same values as our clients, which include transparency and quality. By doing so, we can ensure a better understanding of each other's requirements and work collaboratively in the most efficient manner.

Our developers are highly skilled in creating secure and reliable software solutions that meet industry standards and regulations.

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