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Product Updates

See what is coming and co-design new features with us.

Building Now

Asset Custody

An additional module to Velmie providing MPC-based wallets and custody solutions.

V2 Auth and Onboarding

While providing smooth and secure authentication methods in our white-label apps, we constantly work on improving the process pursuing better security, engagement and conversion. The onboarding and identity verification process plays an important role in new customer acquisition and we’re working to make it even smoother.

Extended Documentation

We’re updating and extending the available platform documentation to help with regulatory challenges as well as to give clients' teams more information on the software.

Developer Documentation

We’re working on an API reference and documentation to help our clients to build front-end apps on the top of our platform

Business Users

We’re working to extend the available user types and it will be possible to set up and configure business users on our platform with this function. This can be used to offer b2b products or build solutions where clients and businesses can transact within a single platform. With the increasing demand for closed-loop systems, merchant payment solutions, and small business banking, we are aiming to deliver a comprehensive toolkit to support most of the use cases.

Customer Support System

Our team is working on improving the customer support messaging system that will also become available as a native function in the mobile application.


Building Next

Notifications Management

We’re planning to extend the tools for system administrators to manage push and in-app notifications, building better engagement of the clients.

Refer and Earn

Our team is planning to release a native function to enable referral programs as one of the most efficient customer acquisition channels.

Seeking Feedback

App Widgets

We’re considering adding mobile app widgets to enable quick access to key functions such as QR payments, p2p transfers, cards, etc. We would love your feedback on this to understand better customers' needs.

AI Solutions

As the whole industry is driving towards AI-powered solutions we’re keen to provide our clients with the most advanced and future-proof tech. This way, it would be great to receive your input on the problems and use cases to be solved with AI tools.

Payment gateway

We faced a lot of requests to deliver merchant payment gateway capabilities supporting fiat and alternative currencies, and we’re considering how to expand Velmie offerings in this direction. We would appreciate your thoughts on this to arrange the proper discovery and planning.

Data Analytics

The Velmie Core product team is exploring opportunities to extend our software with more advanced reporting and data analytics solutions, handling not only financial and compliance data but also contributing to customer behavior research. We would love your feedback on what’s important to you in this regard.

Loan Origination

As the lending market remains one of the biggest, we’re considering expanding our loan offerings with more advanced loan origination and reporting tools. Would love to hear more from you to better understand the needs and requirements.

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