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Revenue Advance App for Creators

Digital banking solution that makes getting, saving and spending money easier for creators worldwide.

Location: USA
Velmie platform in the core
Youtube, AdSense, Synapse, Plaid, PayPal, Venmo, Braintree


The Story

The client is a revenue accelerator that empowers creators, agencies and management companies to efficiently operate and scale their businesses. He decided to help content creators reach their maximum potential by giving them financial freedom: receiving their money from media platforms when they want it, as well as getting instant loans based on their professional activity.

The Solution

Velmie deployed its digital banking software platform and performed the required integrations and customizations within 2 months. It includes a user mobile app (digital wallet) and an admin web app.

The Features

  • Digital onboarding and KYC.

  • Earnings collection from YouTube and AdSense accounts.

  • Retrieve of advance payments.

  • Loan origination based on the media platforms statistics.

  • Savings accounts with savings automation.

  • E-wallet capabilities: transaction history and account management, QR code and bill payments, P2P transfers and other.

  • Live chat.

The Outcome

Paper Financial app will be serving clients in the US. In the long term perspective it will be also presented in UK, EU, Asia markets. It will enable creators to focus on the content, get paid on time by brands and access useful financial tools to build sustainable business.

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