Our Clients
Trading Platform

Cutting-edge technology for smart
trading decisions.

Cryptocurrency exchange solution

Building cryptocurrency exchange and crypto payment gateway with a white-label technology platform

Mobile eWallet powered by Hyperledger

Mobile payments application powered by enterprise Blockchain.

Smart Gym Equipment

Pendex is a disruptive smart gym technology with a unique set of machines with smart sensors recording each motion and guiding people for better results. 

water pipe.png
Aquatic Playgrounds IoT System

Vortex is a leading supplier of the aquatic play solutions that we helped to transform into smart technology solution.

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Bitclear.io is an API hub connecting the most popular crypto exchange platforms like Kraken, Coinbase etc.

PoS Cryptocurrency for Gamers

Gamaxa ($GAX) is a cryptocurrency for gamers worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to improve the entire cryptocurrency and gaming spaces, by combining the two.

FinTech: Smart Factoring Solution

Advanon is an online platform that is smart alternative for traditional factoring. Platform provides risk-free invoice financing and matching between SMEs and investors. 

Decentralized Social Network

Blockchain-powered social network that is specifically designed for content consumers and producers to allow to share news content directly and get rewarded for it.

Smart Irrigation System

AI-powered smart irrigation system for home and professional use. 

IoT Water Purifier

A typical case of how our team can help to transform a traditional home device into a smart connected solution.

Uber For Trucks

Removing excessive middlemen from trucking and logistics in Indonesia.

Take control of your water

Isi detail muatan Anda sekarang dan terima penawaran dari vendor truk di seluruh Indonesia

Mobile Payments App

Mobile payments and money transfer application powered by Hyperledger.

Core Banking Platform

Turn-key solution for banks and financial institutions.

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