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Become a favoured
consumer banking app

Offer your customers the experience they deserve with Velmie personalise
and intelligent digital banking. Become the banking app they love.

Ensure thorough customer engagement, spanning from the onboarding process to loan applications and every step in between. Velmie modular digital platform with ready-to-go apps empowers you to deliver personalised digital banking solutions and seamless end-to-end customer journey, leading to increased conversion, long-term customer loyalty, and a greater share of wallet.

Unlock customer

Offer customisable apps tailored to meet customer needs, enhancing user experience and driving engagement. Velmie customer-centric platform allows streamlined onboarding, rapid compliance checks, credit assessment and unified data integration.


Fast-track your business growth by swiftly onboarding customers, expanding product offerings through innovations, and boosting revenue by seizing new market opportunities.

Get better

Our digital banking app simplifies customer banking, driving digital channel adoption and self-service usage. The back-office module streamlines customer service, reducing branch dependence and costs while increasing satisfaction.


“The Velmie team works with a high level of professionalism. That got my attention since the beginning of the project, especially in our case where our technical expertise was on the weak side. They put all the tools and resources at your hand so you can follow and be part of the process all along. And I have to say, they are all very friendly.”

Alejandro González,

Head of Product & Founding Partner, Reddo

Key Features

IBAN accounts

Debit and credit cards

International payments

Digital onboarding

Loans & Savings

Digital currencies

Stock purchase

P2P transfers

Product Highlights

Go live 
in weeks



Tech support

Scalable & secure system

services & functions

Customer Stories


Digital bank featuring card issuing, day-to-day payments and international remittance.

Region: The European Union


Mobile banking solution featuring cross-border payments and money transfers.

Region: Africa


Granting access to financial operations to Mexican people via modern and secure mobile solution.

Region: Mexico


Featuring a mobile wallet, payroll automation, P2P transfers and loyalty and rewards tools business invoicing and more.

Region: Middle East

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