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Lending Platform Development Services

Loan management software

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Technology can be a powerful disruptor in the area of lending, just like with any other part of finance and banking. Reports indicate that euro-area banks further tightened their credit standards for loans or credit lines in 2022. With a similar trend in other markets, this could lead to a convergence of negatives for banks while simultaneously raising demand for credit.

In turn, this landscape presents an opportunity to create a lending platform, building on Velmie’s expertise and ready-to-go solutions. With Velmie you choose to use our turnkey banking white-label products, embed our stand-alone modules, or custom-build your client journeys. You can select among flexible pricing schemes, pay as you go, and set your intellectual property strategy and priorities.


Our software comes as a collection of configurable standalone modules for delivering unique solutions and covering specific business needs. You can quickly launch your own lending product using our essential lending-related modules, such as KYC (know your customer), Accounts, Payments, and Customer Support.

Yet you will always have an opportunity to grow and add more modules, such as international remittances, exchanges, payment cards, or more specific BNPL (buy now pay later) type functionality. At each step, you can rely on our experience of integration with market leaders in the field and target your solution based on your users, your market, and your business model.

How it Works

Onboard Customers with our KYC

Onboard customers seamlessly using our SCA-ready KYC with biometrics. Extract information from key identity documents and verify your clients via integrations with tried and true KYC & AML providers.

Arrange tier-based access to loans

Assign different limits and loan conditions to your customers based on their origination results and available financial documentation.

Integrate with banks and corporate lenders

Integrate with banks and behind-the-label lenders to get more funds for loan disbursement.

Simplify collection

Leverage your repayments using our scheduled tasks, recurrent payments, and QR-code payments together with your customers' virtual accounts. Generate amortization and installment payment schedules. Integrate with payment providers to add even more payment methods, including direct debits from borrowers’ bank accounts and auto-pay mandates, where applicable.

Monitor your system

Monitor money movement and your customer behavior using our Logs & Reports functionality. Prevent unwanted activity or reinforce money collection with timely Notifications for your administrators and borrowers.

Use the highest standards of loan origination

Integrate with market leaders in automatic underwriting. Estimate your client’s creditworthiness via credit history and credit scoring services available on your market. Combine external scoring with your own underwriting standards. Introduce even more flexibility via manual admin underwriting for odd or high-risk cases. Check your customers through blacklists and sanction lists.

Set up account types

Use our ready-to-go line-of-credit functionality. Add overdrafts or single loans. Let your customers take small consumer loans autonomously, using a credit calculator.

Facilitate swift disbursement

Disburse loans easily to customers using our Accounts and Payments modules. Set up virtual accounts for your customers or send money to their or their creditors' bank accounts.

Issue prepaid cards

Increase your customer retention rate by providing them with a virtual account, and information dashboard, and issuing prepaid cards for better loan management.

Connect other systems

Connect your ERP or CRM system to your lending platform.


Application is possible across different types of businesses and products:

  • Fintech Lenders and Lendtech

  • Neobanks

  • Marketplaces

  • Payment Service Providers

  • Wealth & Personal Finance Managers

  • Gig Platforms

Why Lending Platform development with Velmie

Technical and Banking Expertise

Velmie team possesses profound experience in Fintech and online banking, both in web and mobile domains, and can perfectly understand the needs of business clients and end-users.

Seamless Support

Ongoing software support and maintenance is a part of our service.

Rapid Development

We provide you with customized products suitable for your target audience along with smooth and accelerated development and deployment.

Integrations at Heart

We offer customizable APIs and multiple payments and KYC providers to choose from. You can always bring in your own partners and providers.

Proven Service Record

We effectively serve clients from EU, US, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and other regions. Together with our partners, we can set up and configure software platforms almost anywhere in the world.

Significant Results

We provide our clients with high-quality solutions and demonstrate meaningful outcomes. We make sure you attract the necessary financing or gain value from your investments.

Limitless Scalability

Our products are generally based on microservices and therefore scalable without limits. Our solution is cloud-agnostic and can be deployed in any environment.

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