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IoT Water Purifier With Pay-As-You-Go Subscription

The Story

Internet of Things technology not only makes the traditional things more fun to use, it completely changes how the companies operate and brings new business models on the market. The project idea of MyWater is a great example of adopting an innovative approach to how the product and industry work. We were able to uncover new segments and opportunities, as wells as customer demands within the established market of drinking water products and solutions. 


Getting access to clean drinking water is a problem in many places on our planet. Traditionally, we either purchase it in plastic bottles or get a home water purifier. Neither of them is really good in fact. Bottled water reserves need to be constantly fulfilled and stored somewhere in a household, the price per unit is considerably higher than it could be with a water purifier and, most importantly, you produce a lot of plastic waste produced every year.


Home water purifiers also come with disadvantages such as high price, maintenance costs and efforts, quality of filtered water that can hardly be measured and monitored. In many cases these issues were cumbersome for consumers who preferred not to consider water purifiers as a possible solution for them.

The journey of an ambitious startup and Velmie, as a technology partner, has begun. 

The Solution

All the problems associated with access to clean water were known for years and tried to be solved by many companies, but the final products were to able to gain market share because of certain problems on the product level. 


As it usually happens with projects of this kind, we started with R&D stage for two weeks to identify problems to solve, the project goals and solutions we can use. As a result, there was a prototype assembled that we can further test to prove the solution and the overall approach

The next step we took was the actual development stage where we finalized the hardware, performed numerous tests and created a technical specification to be further used for manufacturing and assembling the production devices. At the same time, our software team conceptualized and built the mobile applications for customers, web administration dashboard for the company and a back end to handle the data processing. 


Using the prebuilt platforms and the related epertise we gained when working on similar projects reduced the MVP release timelines significantly, for more than 40%.

The Outcomes

The final product went to production and now being distributed in several countries, successfully solving the two big problems:


  1. Getting the clean water accessible by more people

  2. Reducing plastic pollution 


There is a unique business model we were able to implement because of the modern technology. It combines advantages of bottled water, where consumers only pay for the water they need with water purifying approach, where you always have access to the unlimited volume of drinking water at your home. 


The hardware we designed, comes with the following features:


  • Real-time water quality testing sensors. The system provides insights regarding the filtered water quality and how it matches the health criteria. Something that people were not able to know before when using the water purifiers. 

  • Pay-as-you-go technology. The billing was reimagined and consumers now only pay for the volume of filtered water they got, no more flat monthly fees, maintenance costs, and high initial payments. 

  • Maintenance automation. The embedded sensors and firmware can automatically detect when the maintenance is required and schedule it with the client via mobile application.

  • Automated billing. Mobile application comes with the water consumption reports, invoices and automated payments by subscription. 



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