Smart Gym Equipment Market Forecast

How IoT and Artificial Intelligence technologies are transforming the fitness industry.


It’s safe to say that leading a healthy lifestyle has officially gone mainstream! According to a recent survey, about 20 million people all over the world are actively exercising in one form or another. This massive interest in personal health has triggered the rise and development of the healthcare industry and the gym equipment market in particular. In this day and age of modern IT development, it would be unreasonable and even unfair to leave this growing market without useful “smart” upgrades.

So let’s check out the most exciting modern trends in the connected gym equipment market. In this study, you will learn surprising facts about the industry, get acquainted with several fun startups who have disrupted the world of gym equipment, and with the market forecast, you will see how it might change in the near future.

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Our company was one of the pioneers on the smart gym equipment market, providing consulting, engineering and development services to entrepreneurs that are either looking to enter the market with a new product or to upgrade the existing product line with smart connected equipment powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.


Velmie is a global engineering and consulting firm doing IoT and AI projects for many industries including Health and Fitness. Smart gyms and devices developed by us are operating on 4 continents and handle thousands of users per day.




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