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Hire dedicated developers for your FinTech project.

Got FinTech project idea and looking for a development team? We offer a wide range of services and solutions in FinTech space and can be a match for you. Feel free to reach out to us to get a project proposal.

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Mobile Payment Solutions

We offer a white-label mobile payments platform that can be crafted by our team to handle multiple use cases like p2p money transfers, online payments with fiat currency and tokens, customers loyalty program, employee payroll and lending solutions.  

KYC Modules

The essential part of every FinTech app and one of the biggest bottlenecks in buyer’s journey. Used to be until now. We reimagined the entire process and transformed it into an interactive chatbot to ensure a smooth onboarding and great experience for …

Core Banking Platforms

We hold expertise in building scalable banking solutions with the microservices approach. Right now, our platforms serve more than 30 banks, brokerage and insurance companies around the globe. 

Lending solutions

Our team helps to build p2p and centralized lending solutions for businesses and consumers. Payday loan mobile applications, online factoring, retail loan apps are the things that we can effectively help you with, relying on our past experience.


This technology already changed the landscape of the financial sector and will remain as one of the biggest disruptive factors. Our mission is to help to uncover the benefits and to properly implement the technology and to get the best of it.




Online banking platform

A leading provider of banking solutions that serves hundreds of institutions. The platform was developed with the microservices architecture to deliver the scalability with crafting white-label platforms for the clients.



Mobile Payments App

White-label mobile payments solution operatin in Africa and Asia, currently serves the biggest national institutions in Tunisia and Mauritius such as Central Banks and National Post. Also handles mobile payments and customers loyalty program for Carrefour stores in North Africa.


Smart Factoring Solution

Advanon is an online platform that connects SMEs in need of extra liquidity and investors. Companies can sell their open invoices in return for a credit. The platform handles all the transactions processing, escrow, KYC, documents validation and other things to ensure that transparency, security and compliance.


Blockchain Banking Platform

Optherium is a provider of banking infrastructure solutions powered by private blockchain networks. Optherium’s Operating System and MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network™ fundamentally change blockchain technology, making it highly usable for business and daily life.



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